Bad Dream

Cars line the driveway to Aunt Dee’s house. I think “Oh,no. Something has happened. Someone has died.”

I see the old road which has an island in the middle where the three roads meet. I had forgotten that the road had changed. Some clever supervisor thought it would be better not to have the pretty little island with trees in the tri-fork of the road.

Daddy is sitting outside with his hat off scratching his head holding a shotgun. I do not speak.

I see Mother, but it is supposed to be Aunt Dee’s house.

The groceries (in a Target Bag which we did not have eons ago) are sitting on the counter. Mother is walking around in her house robe saying we need to wash every wall and everything. I do not understand. Nothing is missing. There are no people so I do not know to whom the cars belong. I say to Uncle Gene, “Someone should go get Mother.” He agrees and goes outside.

I go to take a bath. The house is stuffed with so much stuff. I end up getting a small salt dish full of water to take a bath, knowing I could not get clean with so little water. I look at the bath tub/shower. There is a bath cloth on the floor by the drain.

I go outside. I see a bright yellow car coming up the hill. I say, “they are here” but the car goes on over the hill toward Grannie Maggie’s. Daddy and I watch. Next there is a bright yellow Chevrolet car (the one that had the fins) coming from the opposite direction. It, too, passes on by. I remember the gray Fairlane Ford I had way into the future.

Mother never came and I woke up and decided to get up. It was not a comforting dream and I had to get up at 4 a.m. anyway.

The shower is now on. The traveler is preparing for his journey cross-country.

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