March of the Flamingos


What a racket! I did not recognize the sound. It was coming from the patio area. In flannel p.j.s, I venture out to find the flamingos flapping all around and up setting every song bird within 50 yards. I immediately hushed them. “You best be quiet; the hawk is near by.”

Gathering  all together we quietly marched around the house. It was time, they said, to be out front. Perhaps this year they might get to fly home via USPS, if they were out front by the mail box.

Bright bows were tied around their necks and their flag was placed.  All was ready.

flamingos out front 4

OOOPS….here comes the neighbor….”I hope someone takes those flamingos this year!”

Next neighbor comes out….”OOOOH….How pretty. I hope you leave those to me so I can keep putting them up after you are gone.”

And so the day goes by….and the flamingos watch the hawk swoop low overhead, trembling, bows getting twisted. Did the hawk see us? Maybe it is not our time….whew…the hawk has gone to the golf course for their lunch…another day maybe, they think, but not today.

As they watch the sun set in the west they nod and say “Maybe tomorrow when Pat, the mail carrier, comes…maybe we might get to go home. Maybe, if we are good little flamingos….



10 thoughts on “March of the Flamingos

    1. No. They do not seem lonesome. There are a lot of humans walking their dogs that stop to discuss their presence so far away from where they are suppose to be. They seem amused. However, they said to tell you “Thank you.”


    1. Thank you Rebekah for commenting on the photo. You are such a marvelous photographer that this meant a lot.

      Some of the neighbors really dislike my flamingos! It is my fun thing to do every year!


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