12 thoughts on “VOTE

      1. AARRG! So much for high hopes. I am at a loss for words.Very discouraged and think only for our country. Is all lost? Will we reap what we have sown? Apathy everywhere. Where have all the leaders gone? I’ve been crying for our country since ’85. God have mercy on us.


        1. I went to your blog to comment but found no comment form. I loved the quote. I am so low today, I have cried all day not that it helped anything. I wish I could be as classy as Romney in comments and acceptance but I’m just not. He looks so presidential and speaks so intelligently and his wife is so lovely. What a lovely first family they would have been. Now I see you turned off your comments. I did not feel like even writing anything at all that would be nice. We will stick together!


  1. Amazing lines here at Sallis! Heard several older people commenting on how they don’t recall ever having to stand in line this long. I am so glad there was such a good turnout….at least people are caring enough about something to actually get out and vote! But still, just glad to see people voting!


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