Daddy always got up at 4:30. In autumn and winter he restarted the fire. Did not matter that we had butane heaters. The summer he was dying, as we sat on the porch, he said:

“I will miss the fires”. That summer he cut down the biggest tree he could find and split the wood. I think he did so just to prove that he still could. My daddy was a tough man, yet underneath it all he was kind.

I am now waking up at 4:30. I think that to finish all the task I have set for myself that it will take getting up at 4:30. Who knows maybe we never finish.

Daddy worked on those roads and bridges of Route 2 for such a long time. Were they ever finished…no? work still goes on; gravel keeps getting hauled in; graded, etc. It will be such a loss when all the roads are paved and there are no more dirt roads to travel.

Well, I’m off (as usual). I will be Mrs. Godwin today. It is exciting to be so many personalities.

I will not forget my lunch, Daddy; and I made my bed, Mother.

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