Gifts received from Route 2

You lose the giver, not the gift.

My mom’s best friend died this past Thursday, I think. No one told me. My sister read the obituary from the paper to me. We pondered the birth order of the children. Her husband was my dad’s best friend. We thought she was older but according to the paper she was six years younger than mother who would have been one hundred this year (April). Ms. Lillian was 94, according to the paper.

Ms. Lillian gave the gift of acceptance. She was always glad to see me and always reminded me how much she and “Gertrude” had meant to each other. Now they are together again. Maybe the curse of the Aldy’s vs the Robertson’s will be over. With her death the old ones are gone. In the past, when an Aldy died, a Robertson died or vice versa.

Perhaps Ms. Lillian’s last gift is the end of that curse. There are so few of us left that I wonder who on my side of the family would die. It would have to be me or my sister; Wilson, Susan or Joyce….we are the next generation to go on my father’s side.

Like my mom, father, brothers, the givers are gone; their gifts remain and so it is with Ms. Lillian and Mr. Henry.

My sympathy to the family. They were our next door neighbors, so to speak.
I am sorry I could not be there to take a casserole to the church for after the service. May they remember the gifts given.

15 thoughts on “Gifts received from Route 2

  1. My condolences too … The passing of an old person like that is always time for reflections, like Jeanne said. An old friend of Gerry’s parents also passed away this week. She was 98.


    • Rebecca give my best to Gerry. We are losing our very old generation and now it is down to my generation. I hope that when I am gone that someone will be able to say, “she made a difference.”
      Thank you for your condolences.


    • Yes, indeed, Debbie! It was a great gift and one that I will hold on to.

      The larger community has lost a great giver of gifts. I hope they remember their individual gifts as well as the whole.


  2. I’m sorry for this loss, and echo Debbie’s words–the gift of acceptance is worth more than Trump’s vast, yet empty wealth. God bless you.


    • Thank you, Caddo. Such wealth we all have from these gifts and you are correct… All of Trump’s money could not buy this kind of gift.


  3. Acceptance, you mentioned. That is what everyone wants. Too many people go to a view the deceased and haven’t seen or appreciated them for decades. Your sympathy was honored I am sure for your memories. Treasure that which was yours. Bloom on.


    • I would like to say it is, however, it really isn’t and the reason, at least for me, is that if their mind has gone away then I think I would want my body to go away as well and I think they would as well. We are selfish human beings and wish to keep those we love with us here on earth, however, sometimes it is so much better for them to go on.
      Thank you for your thoughts, Kathy.


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