October Rains, Rambling Thoughts

Fanciful depiction of cotton by John Mandevill...
Fanciful depiction of cotton by John Mandeville, featuring sheep instead of cotton bolls. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today the rain falls slowly. It is October and the pumpkins have been harvested but unfortunately not all the cotton. At least not the patch by Walmart. Perhaps it is just the patch for all of us to “steal” our cotton stalks to decorate with for Halloween.

Halloween is a sad time, I think. Attending the funeral of your brother’s only daughter places a cloud of crowded thoughts into your mind. What would she be now? How would she look? Would she have children? Would they be a towhead like her and her brothers? All questions without answers.

We were allowed to have her for 25 years; did we make good use of our time allotted? She would come to stay with me in the summer at times. I enjoyed her visits. Did I know her as a child? No, I never lived around family so I never really knew any of my nieces or nephews. So often we squander the time we have on petty things that will not matter the next day, much less five years from now.

I am reminded of the things we are allowed to carry with us to the grave. Not those diplomas; not those valuable paintings; not grandmother’s silverware; not any of those “valuable” items we just had to have.

When they look into the days of your lives what will be remembered? What will you carry forward with you? Hopefully, it will be that I cared and tried to help my fellow travelers along the way. The words will remain; the deeds will remain; the stuff will be distributed; I want to hear what stories will be told about me so I’ll listen in as I journey to my next jumping off place to come back, if I get a do over.

We know what scientist tells us we could not possibly know. Just keep on knowing!

6 thoughts on “October Rains, Rambling Thoughts

  1. My brother doesn’t keep in touch with me. I’ve tried, but he always says he’s too busy to care. I gave up. Since I’ve been home visiting Mom, he’s been suddenly friendly with me, and I’ve spent time with his kids too. I wish it would stay this way, but I know him … it won’t. My heart goes out to you on this anniversary of the loss of your niece.


  2. I’m so sorry for your loss–sometimes the seasons mirror our “inside”, other times they clash–I’m not sure which is more painful.


    1. No, you are right. It never is a long time ago. She rain under a log truck and was decapitated and burned beyond recognition. That is a traumatic image.She was identified by the diamond ring her mom had given her.
      Thank you for reminding me it feels like yesterday


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