Egg Egg Egg Egg

Egg Egg Egg Egg (Photo credit: boughtbooks)

Lying on the sort of wet sidewalk, I looked up for the angel dust I was promised. Where oh where was it? Careful I stood up and then saw the sparkling dust flying all around. I had not broken a leg, nor arm, nor back, nor hip…just an egg was forming on my head above and to the left of my right ear. Feeling a little shaky, I found I had hung on to my car keys and my cell phone was in my pocket so I proceeded up the sidewalk to turn on the lights. It was 5:48 in the a.m. and the rain was pouring.

I went to the bathroom to look at my eyes; nope no blurring; no nausea, no vomiting; just shaking from fear. I had fallen and nothing but an egg was on the side of my head. Of course, I need all the brain function I can get, but losing maybe 10 percent should be o.k.

Calming down, I went back out to get the food I had purchased for the workers. Brought it in and was sitting there when I realized as a good pilot, when lost, call and confess. So I called the Election Commander (that is not his real title) and confessed to have fallen stepping over the concrete bumper into a dip thinking I was stepping on the sidewalk and down I went. The steel pole did not give and my head sort of bounced off it.

Deputy Sheriff Holloway came and I said I thought I was fine running through all the symptoms not present but he and Frank said to keep them updated about the head and the status of how I felt. A Detective appeared later and offered help. I soldiered on because I wanted to be a good Inspector.

At 8:01 that night we were finished with all our envelopes and boxes and ballots; loaded my car and drove to the courthouse to deposit our election results. Home was the next stop and bed the last.

The next day brought cold realization: Oh, I fell. My back hurt; my shoulder hurt, my hip bone connected to the thigh bone hurt and my head still had a small lump which was tender to the touch.

Found the good ole heating pad and proceeded to use it; moving it from place to place on my battered old body.

The day after, I got up and walked and found more sore spots so back to the heating pad and moving it about.

Read three books; Frank called the day after to make sure I was o.k. and I said that I was just sore in place but otherwise I would survive. I just felt rather stupid falling (even though it was dark and I could not see) and that the fear was the worst.

The crew of workers called and I assured them I was fine. I did not know if I would ever be an inspector again but then all said they would carry signs demanding that I come back to be their Inspector. Who in their clear adult mind wants a 90 percent functioning Inspector?

It was a very slow day; I cannot imagine the General Election in November being slow and a 100 percent Inspector needs to be present and functioning.

However, I was not the only one not at a 100 percent. Neither was the iPad I was suppose to use. The satellite must have tumbled from it’s usual place because I could not get a signal.

Another story.

No pictures….I am still working a few kinks out today but you know when you get old, you don’t know what is from age or what is new from a fall. It really does not matter. I woke up feeling good and the weather is beautiful. I think I will go to McDonald’s for a cup of Senior Cup.


For all of you who sent Angel Dust, thank you. I am positive this is what kept me from hurting myself….along with the extra fluff on my body!

10 thoughts on “Inspector

  1. Oh I hesitated pushing the “like” button because I feel so badly that you fell, Linda. But I liked how you wrote this story and how your humor danced out between the words and the hip bone connected to the thigh bone. Are you feeling a bit better now? And don’t feel bad about falling in the dark. Certain of us over here have done it…and several years ago I fell in plain daylight ON OUR SLATE stones. Owww! Gentle healing hugs.


    • Thanks, Kathy. I am much better. I think a week from now I will be all well except some brain cells may not ever come back…this is true. One does lose a little bit of brain function when one falls so I can chalk my craziness up to falling a number of times in my life…but as yet, I have not been down for the count. Just keep hoping this continues…that is not being down for the count, if I happen to fall again. It is time for tai chi again. What has that got to do with dark and rain? Not a clue….balance is perfect according to my last check.

      Always thank you for stopping in. Hope Barry is all well now.


  2. @Kathy…I have been Mr. Green for two days, so I don’t really know. I’ve heard To Kill a Mockingbird 5 times a day for 2 days and watched pantomime skits for one hour. On Friday I will be Ms. Helton and see how that feels. They both seem to have highly functioning brains and I think it is rubbing off on me.

    The students think I’m rather cool to be a grandma.


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