Time Traveler

Saturn Rocket : Huntsville, Alabama
Saturn Rocket : Huntsville, Alabama (Photo credit: Zengrrl)

“Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find
his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the
dawn before the rest of the world.”

Oscar Wilde

I have always been a dreamer; a time traveler. When I was young and playing with sticks for dolls under the trees in our big dirt yard, I would leave my body and travel to worlds I knew nothing about. My family would ask what I was playing and I would tell them about the worlds where I had been. I had no way of knowing what I was describing not ever having left the two county area physically. I just knew what I had seen; how other people looked; what possibilities were there in my future.

During high school I wrote about UFO’s believing that they were real; and still believe that they are. Perhaps it is only my perception, however, I do not think so. I wrote to Senator Stennis. His office mailed me a lot of information, none stating that the US Air Force had found any evidence of existence. But then, would they tell us? It could frighten the citizens to think that there might be others in this solar system. What we should have been frightened of was the burgeoning of power by people in Congress and the subsequent cover ups to follow.

After moving to the Rocket City, my children and I would sit outside on cool spring, summer, fall nights and watch the skies waiting for the Space Ships to take us to another world. We knew they would come for us because we believed. They never came; we never stopped dreaming.

Now there is a new dream. We will land a robot on the moon. Perhaps we will never go but our robot can.

Death, a welcome friend, will take my dreams and walk me through that light into another world and maybe, just maybe, if I have not made to many errors in this lifetime, I will not have to come back for a do over.

The Universe holds so much promise, if you dream.




13 thoughts on “Time Traveler

  1. Just my opinion, but it’s what I believe: the “do-overs” happen down here, courtesy of Jesus. Once I get to Heaven, it’s all a done deal–Sweet! (as the kids say)


  2. I agree that UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) exist, any object flying that you can not identify is an UFO, so most of us have seen an UFO (whether it was a plane, balloon, duck, spaceship, whatever). 😉

    As for alien/non-human being(s) aircraft/spaceships/vehicles/machines/et cetera and/or flying aliens/non-human beings, I would imagine there are some out there in the universe(s) somewhere, and maybe some have/are/will visit Earth. 😉

    I am surprised that the Senator’s office mailed you some information, I know that it was not about what you asked probably, but did you learn anything (about any topic) from any of that information PurpleBorough?

    Thank you for sharing this post. 🙂


      1. Yep, there are definitely some things out there, that they think are worth keeping classified and/or off the records; the fun part is trying to figure out what are those things. 😉


    1. I will try to remember to do that/share that, unless I am prevented from doing so by a confidentiality agreement or something 😉 ; but I doubt that I will get there with how locked down that information is & how much disinformation/misinformation surrounds it, even in my dreams so far that have had spaceships/aliens/beings/whatever, that information is mostly secret/hidden/not shared with me even in the dreams. 😀 Hehehe

      If I find some of those/my dreams related to this topic, I might share the links to/for them with you, if you are interested in some of those strange/boring/interesting dreams. 😉


  3. Excellent! I sometimes share my dreams…sometimes. I am interested in your dreams. I think they reveal much about who we are.
    Disinformation runs rampant through our government.


    1. Good, I like sharing dreams and reading other people’s dreams. 🙂

      Sharing dreams allow me to share unique/creative/personal parts of myself without worrying too much about my privacy/security, since dreams are often a bit encrypted/cryptic/part fictional/et cetera so that makes it harder for people to make sense of them in comparison to your waking life. 😉

      Also you almost never know what you are going to get with dreams (they are are often random/unique), which I like, and I often feel more like myself/more comfortable in dreams than I do in real life. 😀

      There is a lot more that I can say about dreams, but I will stop there. Hehehe 😉


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