Universe Alignment

Universe Closed
Universe Closed (Photo credit: brianarn)

This week my Universe did not align to my plans. The plans were made. The dates were set. The car packed and then it all unraveled piece by piece….my plans did, however, the Universe had different plans.

Because my plans unraveled, I spoke to a cousin I had not spoken with since his mom died in the 90s, I think. Time flies; stretches toward infinity and then shrinks back to yesteryear when a voice is heard. The conversation starts where it left off and there is no time-lapse; no gaps. The past is the present.

Because my plans unraveled, I spoke to a student whom I had helped some years past. I did not know whether he would return my call. He did and time once again played its magic trick and the past became present. My respect for him as a student was as real now as then and the respect I had for him then was as strong now as it was then. He was as charming and forthright as always. The connection was still there, but would not have been made, had my plans not unraveled.

The Universe or God has plans; sometimes we do not take time to ask what His plans are for us. I could have asked:”God is this the right time?” and then listened. Maybe then I would have avoided the anxiety attack because my plans were all unraveling before my eyes and I had absolutely no control.

The Universe let me make the plans, however, because the closet needed to be stripped of its color coded t-shirts and sweat shirts never worn; now they will be worn; so the Universe let me do these things that would be helpful to others; yet stopped me when it was the right time to sit still and listen…to my son; to my grandson; to my good friends Kathy and Brenda; and to my cousins, Susan and Wilson.

Mostly, I think the Universe/God allowed Susan to choose an illness to test her faith and to assure her that she has always had all that she needed to be happy and wise. Being the youngest perhaps we never heard her, nor listened to her. Perhaps we never gave her the respect she deserved; perhaps we never showed her how much she meant to us; perhaps she did not know she was loved. Now because she has the BIG C word tattooed on her forehead, she has gone to the brink and back to teach those of us still in the physical present  here, lessons we must learn and she has come into her own and has become the wise one; the one to say “Life is to short to stress out; I am fine.” Perhaps, just perhaps, the Universe or whatever you, the reader may call your higher power, finds a way to make sure that we have chosen the right path and that our future lives will be brighter than our present or past lives. Perhaps this is my lesson today as I see the bright blue sky with puffy white clouds and feel the cool wind knowing that this was not my day to travel the interstates and back roads, up mountains and round curves, on my way to NC. Perhaps it is my day to reassess what it is that I must be doing. My message was clear from the wise lady from the mountain: No Stress.

I think I shall return to my stones. I do like stones. I had planned to find that certain stone that said: “Pick me up. Take me with you.” Another day, I’ll find the stone. For today, I fed, what I call my pet rabbit, carrots.

This could be considered an update; a reassessment; a reminder to take time to love yourself first; it is only then that you have enough love to give away.



27 thoughts on “Universe Alignment

  1. Interesting post. It made me think about the concept of ‘Free Will’. In hindsight, one can sometimes see how a chain of events leads up to something … pivotal, and change or whatever. On the other hand … also in hindsight, I’ve made choices I even realized were pivotal at the moment, and now … looking in the rear view mirror, I find myself wondering: «What/why did I chose to do that?!»


    1. Life is so full of these moments; realizing that you are in a pivotal moment is truly an amazing event. Many may not realize until the moment has passed that the pivotal moment happened without realizing that it would mean something in hindsight.
      Does any of this many sense?


      1. Yes, and that’s most of the cases … I think there was only one time, when I did realize that ‘how I choose now, will be very important/life changing’ … and it was.


    1. Yes, Mags, it is amazing…things that are will be. I am reminded that I am what I am and cannot be anything else. Plans like rules are there to be broken so that we may become extra ordinary!


  2. @Reb
    I had one of those moments and it changed my life forever. I am happy I made the choice and was willing to suffer the consequences of my decision.
    Sometimes I did not listen to my “sixth sense” and made some horrible mistakes; fell into that black hole and took a long time to climb out.


  3. I’ve heard a couple respected teachers say that, rather than make my plans and ask God to bless them–I should ask Him what the Plan is, first, and know it will be blessed. But it’s easy for me to get overexcited and think He’s on board, and run with it–right into a brick wall. God bless you–Caddo


  4. What a very very special post, Linda. The Universe knows so much more than our little minds, I do believe. When we are in sync with the Universe–miracles happen! Wishing always to surrender into more syncing with the Universe. Thanks for the inspiration.


  5. @Kathy…travels refresh the mind and body with new thoughts….so that was good…the blogs will be right where you left them…they seem to know their place and are content to sit and wait for visitors to come by and say hi from time to time. I stay behind in reading but life has a way of moving along like the waters in a crystal clear rippling little stream.


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