Hydrangea Bloom

My sister and I think that the original cutting came from our great Aunt Am’s garden at our grandmother’s house. Hydrangeas like partial shade (I have found) and rooted from dead wood (one can see this when cutting the blooms….part of the stem is green and part is brown). I have many bushes now using this method.

This is a daylily I dug up from my mom’s garden; a young friend of hers grew daylilies to sell to the public, however, she always gave Mother day-lilies of every color. Mother loved flowers. I noticed yesterday, that now I have more than one clump; also that they have cross pollinated with the old everyday orange daylillies which are in the same bed with them.

These blooms remind me of simpler times; innocent times. I miss seeing my family; I treasure the memories of growing up on a farm in Mississippi. I miss that farm.

What reminds you of your childhood years?

12 thoughts on “Hydrangea Bloom

  1. The lilacs and the peonies in Am’s flower yard. The violets which grew in the front of the house, too. I have to disagree about the hydrangeas……I do not remember her having any. Of course, it could have been before my time ;)!!


    1. Clytice does not remember Mother having any either and I don’t think Grannie Maggie did flowers. I guess we don’t know where they originally came from! I remember the peony bushes; not the lilacs and violets….decades of difference perhaps here:)!


  2. I’ll pass on the childhood memories, and comment that I didn’t realize they came in multiple colors (daylillies).


  3. Beautiful!
    One flower, that reminds me of my childhood years, is the Bleeding Heart. My mum wasn’t much into gardening, but she always saw to that we had this Bleeding Heart, just beneath the porch, and she took good care of it. It grew larger and larger over the years…


  4. My Mom was the president of the Garden Club for years in our little northern Indiana town.
    We had hundreds of crocus and tulips, lilacs and bleeding hearts and bluebells and then a summer full of roses and zinnias and geraniums. There were flowers everywhere, inside and out!
    It was lovely, as was my Mom! 😀


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