Reading to Write

It seems that I wait until Saturday to read your post and then there are so many I race through.


I read and fail to write.


Writing 101 begins



12 thoughts on “Reading to Write

  1. Hi Linda–thank you so much for subscribing to/following my blog, wow that’s a nice gift today! It does take time to honor both our own writing, and the people God brings our way through this peculiar (in a good way) community. May He bless and enrich you today–love, sis Caddo


  2. Hi *smiles*
    I do this stuff every morning … I read, I write …it’s like a …… I won’t use ‘addiction’ because I think it’s being over-used … but a nice way for me to start the day. Gerry’s always baffled when he finds out I’ve blogged early in the morning — we’re different that way, he and I.

    Sometimes I read blogs first, and let myself get inspired..

    In any event, it’s always good to see you


    1. Thank you for being glad to see me! I have been reading and reading and not writing. I am now going to read a few and then write and then read, if I have time. I may not get everything read but will see most of it. I have, once again, decided not to “click” the “like” button just to say “Linda was here”!


      1. The more backed up stuff I get, the more I tend to click the Like button… meaning, instead of commenting. Now I’ve been out all day, but now I’m good because there are only six updates in there..


  3. Linda –
    Due to some health things (nothing serious) I can spend very little time on the computer these days. I find it so difficult to balance that time between reading and writing. It’s a conundrum to be sure!


  4. I read posts on the weekend, too! Wait a minute, that sounds like a lie because it’s Monday and I’m reading your post. 🙂 Stop. Start again…


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