Worlds within Worlds

As  internally you watch your life winding down; as you place your life on exhibit by having garage sells to sell the things you purchased in the past from other yard/garage sales; as you listen to the stories of the ones who come and look at your life within your garage and either choose to buy some beloved item or not you wonder how many of them realize that their lives are now forever intertwined with your life. They carry with them a piece of you.

Did I make a difference? I knew as a child I would change the world, but whose world would I change?

We will not all be great authors, sportsmen, movie stars or world leaders. However, we will interact with others all the days of our lives, unless we are hermits, and even as hermits we may interact with virtual friends who seem more real than the real friends at times. You become involved in lives of persons you may never see, and know that it is not really necessary to do so to know them. We could be accused of sharing more of our thoughts with virtual friends compared to visual, everyday friends….it may be easier that way.

We all have worlds; my world has intersected with so many other worlds; my parents, my siblings, my cousins, my students, the church members, the postman, the stranger I smiled at on the streets of New York who wondered what I might be up to because I smiled in a world of so few smiles at strangers…my world touched that world for only a second. Perhaps it made a bad day brighter. Perhaps.

There are worlds of science fiction; lost worlds of native people; dream worlds; worlds in outer space; new worlds to conquer under the oceans; under ice caps; and deep forests; worlds of animals, insects and trees; the grass talks; the birds listen and pull worms from their worlds; the ants scurry to and fro within their world of constant labor. Worlds of war and whispers of war. So many worlds.

I believe in concentric worlds or worlds within worlds. For a few seconds, a few minutes or perhaps for years, I touch and change lives as they change mine.

We do not have to be great at anything except being ourselves and sharing what we have with others whether it be a thought, a flower, a story or a smile to change that world.

One person at a time; the stone strikes the water and the ripples flow out until they are caught by a great wave which flows around the world and back to me.

As we die a little each day; as we move forward to the ending of this world to cross to the next world let us remember that we changed the world; we left footprints where we walked; we will feel the world shift ever so slightly as the door closes behind us and opens to a new world as we pass from this world of illusions to the real world of intelligence and being; as we walk out into the blinding world of reality; all  in the blink of an eye; not fearing the last breath because:

We changed the World.




19 thoughts on “Worlds within Worlds

  1. Linda, this was really meaningful for me today–I should keep it for those “doubting days”…God bless you.


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