Over the years I have looked at lovely photographs and wished that I, too, could record such lovely things as birds and rivers and blooms and snow and yes, everything. But, alas, my camera’s never did work that way and I had read all the instructions verbatim…no lovely photos, no oohs and aahs just a moment in time captured so that I would have a record, if not so perfect.

Being brave in March, I set off to purchase another camera; one that would make those marvelous photographs like everyone else had on the Weekly Photo Challenge.

Staples was my Big Box Store of Choice. Therefore, I went in and found the camera person (after informing the store manager that I did not think he knew anything at all about cameras). We discussed my expertise and the reason for wanting a camera. He kinda smiled.

He showed me lots of cameras with important sounding names and big long noses with twisty thingys on them. I nodded and smiled and asked dumb questions. How do you know where to set and I would point to a part of the camera with a no name, at least for me.

After about an hour he finally pointed out this cute little digital camera that was on sale for $46.00 and said “I think you would be happy with this one. We only have two left and all you have to do is to point and shoot. I am going to buy the last one for my 12 year old son.”

Sounded reasonable to me and it was a digital camera as well.

Now I am sure I can enter the Weekly Photo Challenge with my new little camera.

I shall show you my first video and then a couple of award-winning photos!

Sorry about the video…don’t know how to insert that into post but will keep looking…would not want you to miss the very best there is in video blogging!

23 thoughts on “Camera

  1. Congrats to your new camera! These pictures are really nice!
    I knew much less when i bought my first. I thought I knew something — I’d read up online about those long nosed cameras [what a cute description!], so that’s what I bought. Only problem was mine had a very short nose. Had to buy a really long one later in order to get any ducks at all.

    Does yours have zoom? Usually it says on the outside of the camera for example 10Xzoom or something like that.


  2. The User Guide tells me that I have a Kodak play full video camera. I do not see a zoom but have not visited their website as yet.
    I am behind 2000+ emails so my free time is spent in trying to clear out my Inbox.


  3. Your photos are lovely, Linda! I can’t imagine life without a digital camera since I take dozens of pictures of the same thing. 😀 Something I certainly couldn’t do when I had to buy rolls of film. My problem is symetry. I like symety but life isn’t always best represented that way, is it? 😀


  4. Award winning photos, indeed! I think you will like your point and shoot. I LOVED my Sony Cybershot Point and Shoot, in some ways more than the bigger version. You could be so spontaneous with it. You could steal it into restaurants and bathrooms much easier. There are some ways I like my Canon Rebel better, but I do recommend the point & shoot first. And look, you’re winning awards already–at least with your readers!


    1. Thank you Kathy. I really like the new little camera. Fits in the palm of my hand.

      I have been very distracted with life. I do have some photos to post from my latest trip.

      Miss reading all the blogs. One day I will catch up.


    1. I am so tired, I do not know. All the people I grew up with here in town are dying in three’s…three this week so far….maybe I am just really depressed.


      1. Hello Someone,
        If I want to, I could go to the second funeral in two weeks tomorrow … not sure whether I’ll go … these are all ‘Gerry’s people’… I don’t know anyone here.


  5. I would not know what to do…it is one thing to know the person but not to know and go…however, Gerry needs the support, don’t you think?

    Don’t know why I posted as anonymous 🙂


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