According to the Myers Briggs Inventory, I am an INTP. This video posted by colderweather is, in my opinion, well worth almost 20 minutes of your time to listen and think about.


This morning I came across this video on this blog and I took the time to listen. Iā€™m glad I did ā€” it made me feel good about myself.

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    1. Yes, it is always o.k. to be who you are. Others may not think so, if they are indeed thinking! That is what makes you unique, Rebekah, your honest approach to your life….what it is and is not.


  1. Perfect. Listening is good. Speaking is good. Feeling affirmed in what what we are feeling and experiencing, who we are, is absolutely the best. Glad this affirmation came along…


  2. Why are we not more flexible to those who are different? Is it just that we feel safer within our own personality types? Are we safe with only what we understand, and believe rather than, what we could understand?

    We split ourselves up by, religions, personality types, etc., and forget there is a commonality. Within that commonality lies the hope for a peaceful existence, and co-existence.

    Acceptance not, resistance.

    Really enjoyed this video!


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