After receiving the Top Commenters Award, thought this was interesting follow up from my Top Commenter! Hope this information if helpful for those who are having trouble!


This morning, I was made aware of that there’s a commenting problem going around in WordPress. On March 14, they changed something in their commenting system, and this is apparently causing problems. Some people can’t comment at all. Apparently nothing happens when they try to post a comment and when they try again, they’re being told it’s a duplicate.

I found a link, where this problem is being discussed and I’ve copied one comment from Timethief — a woman who always seems to be up to snuff about what’s going on in WordPress:

«The policy change was made on March 14th. I’m not inclined to move back to self-hosting (been there done that and rejected it) based on the commenting situation as it effects both bloggers and bloggers. and Gravatar accounts are linked as Automattic owns both.

What I did is change my comment settings on this…

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