Trenia…First Neice

Last year I posted a portion of this for Trenia, but on the wrong day. Today I have it right. It is her birthday. I don’t know what I can add that would give you a better glimpse of Trenia, because I have not seen her; my sister and brother-in-law have.

My sister and I discussed Mother’s Raggedy Ann Dolls….the ones she used as examples to show people. I did not know they existed; I only knew that Clytice had a lot of dolls that Mother had made. That is not really part of the story. Clytice does not have children so she was concerned about what to do with Mother’s Raggedy Ann Dolls. Trenia, being the first granddaughter and having a daughter, Clytice decided that she should have the dolls. I agreed because both of my children had one son…and, being the one with the “original” Raggedy Ann doll, which I have had since I was five, I felt I had the best of everything…as well as the fact that both of my two also have dolls Mother had made for them. My other brothers family consists of boys as well, after the untimely death of his only daughter. Therefore, Trenia was the choice we thought Mother would have made…so the dolls made the journey to Texas to their new home with Trenia.

Trenia was very touched and pleased to have  the dolls, according to Clytice. Therefore, the post below is relevant today.


How often do we hear about “first son” and “first daughter”? Do we ever hear about “first niece“? I haven’t, but today I want to say a few words about my “first niece”.

I remember when my oldest brother married her mom. He was a poor, struggling minister and I think her family took pity on him and fed him. They met at his church.

Their first child was a daughter and today is her birthday. I remember when she was born…such a tiny little thing with a lot of dark brown hair. She grew up  lovely, quiet and studious. They always lived away, as I did, so I did not get to see much of her growing up, however, my mom always made sure I had photos of her.

She married and had a lovely daughter and a handsome son. Her son has a son, therefore, I am now a Great Aunt! I don’t know how great I am because I have not seen this new arrival in the world. From his photos he looks like himself, of course, but reminds me of my brother. He has old eyes.

Trenia is very proud of her grandson and I am sure my brother would be very proud of him as well. As we all grow older and more scattered, I do not know if I will ever see this child, however, this is not important. What is important is that he inherited  great genes allowing him the opportunity to become whatever he chooses.

Trenia, I think, is considering retiring….what a concept that this tiny child has grown up, married, had children, worked and is ready for retirement.

It is really sad that we only see each other at funerals. However, I hope today that she will be honored by her family and she will have a joyful, peaceful day with great food, great company, much laughter and a great big birthday cake!

(The dolls in the photo are not the dolls taken to Texas. The one behind the little boy doll is mine and is 69 years old.)

15 thoughts on “Trenia…First Neice

  1. Very nice post about Trenia and the dolls. That’s quite the collection.

    Yes, it feels strange to think that she’s about to retire. My middle niece, whom I held at the christening, is now in her forties and a mother of three. Felt a little strange when I stopped to think about it, during my visit with her. I’m a great aunt of 8. Now, I’ve finally met all of them … before this trip last Fall, I’d only seen two of them.


      1. Great Great will perhaps take a while yet for me … the oldest one will turn 16 in June …it’s a boy… but then, there’s his sister and she’ll turn 15 … we’ll see 🙂


  2. “What is important is that he inherited great genes allowing him the opportunity to become whatever he chooses” I love these words!

    Nice to hear stories from your family my friend.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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