Susan Update

February 23, 2012

I wrote the post below  for Susan on her birthday. At this time we did not know that she would soon receive news about her health that would rock our worlds yet bring together disparate parts that had been left unattended for a short while.

Today Susan called, with her bright cheerful voice, to deliver the message that the diagnosis was Stage 4, Colon Cancer; metastasized to the liver. She will undergo surgery on Monday and we will all proceed from that point. She states that she feels great; does not hurt anywhere; and has too much yet to do for this to be anything but a bump in the road. A more positive person would be hard to find after receiving this information. Susan has always been very good at taking lemons and making lemonade.

I am asking Jeanne at Women’s Window to reblog this and ask her readers to pray for Susan and believe as we the family believe, that all is going to be all right with God‘s blessing….and to all of you who may read this and have the time to ask your God to look in favor on Susan, I would appreciate it, as would Susan as well as the extended family.

Before posting this, I asked her permission and her lovely voice said: “I need all the prayers I can get!” and then she was off to pick up her young grandson from school. He is seven.

Thank you.


February 3, 2012

Years ago my fathers youngest sister had a beautiful baby girl. She was cute, charming and a little sweetheart, the apple of her father’s eye!

My brother and I, along with other cousins, would tease her older brother that he would have to take her to school with no hair. It took a spell before her beautiful blond hair took root and became the shimmering glow surrounding her face. Back then, her mom would pull it straight up and tie a little ribbon around the few strands; eventually the ribbon would be lost.

She was a decade younger than I, so she would follow us around, making a nuisance of her little self. We said we minded but not really. Everyone would always comment on how cute she was; her clothes were always the best and I think, as the youngest of the grandchildren on my father’s side, the favorite of everyone in the family. Was she spoiled? The answer would be: Just how much :).

She has two beautiful daughters and a beautiful granddaughter and a handsome grandson. Her oldest daughter looks exactly like her, a compliment to the oldest daughter. Her youngest daughter looks like her as well, however, there is a likeness to her mom and to me, because I favor my dad and her mom, his sister. This is a compliment to the youngest daughter as well, because Susan’s mom was pretty and funny with a quick sense of intelligence and wisdom. Not that you ever knew for certain what she was thinking.

Susan was unfortunate in love; the first husband died; the second husband died and the third husband died. I use to think that divorce was like death. When examining our separate lives, I now understand the difference. Death is a definite closure; divorce is closure without the finality which death brings. With divorce there are graduations, weddings, grandchildren….all to share. With death, these special moments cannot be shared no matter how strained the situation. The children have both parents.

She doesn’t complain; she is bright, funny and loved by  many…those who know her best; we talk often and I still pick on her at times; she is family and one I can count on to give me her honest opinion, good or bad..a give and take that is unusual between cousins at this age; we have become much closer in later life than the life we lived in the “between” worlds of raising children, losing husbands and then parents and for me, siblings.

Happy Birthday, Susan!

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24 thoughts on “Susan Update

    1. Knowing you are there and praying is all that I need…you have been with me from the beginning and I thought I would tell you but somehow did not. The wait was difficult over the past week…week and a half….Susan is no longer anonymous!


  1. Reblogged this on Women's Window and commented:

    Please pray for Linda’s aunt Susan, who has colon cancer. She will needs lots of earnest prayer, for both body and soul will be doing battle. Remember her family members also, as they sense a time of coming together again, after being apart for so long. It’s time to refresh the “long ago’s” and focus on today.

    Thank you for standing with the needs of this lady and her family members. For your preview of Susan, please return to Linda’s original post. May you be blessed and filled with joy as we all gather again to lift our eyes and hearts toward “Home” as we cry unto our heavenly Father: Abba Father, hear our prayers… Amen


  2. Thank all of you for your kind words and most of all your prayers! Keep them coming. My surgery is at 10:30 Eastern Time on Monday.
    Again thank you.
    Susan (no longer anonymous)


  3. I’m sorry to hear this Linda..I will include Susan in my prayers too..may God hold her hand as she go to the surgery and may God guide the surgeon..all the love and hugs to you Linda and family. God bless you all.


  4. Dear Linda – Prayers are being said over and over here in southern Texas. Dear Susan, I’ve set the time in my phone so I’ll remember to pray for you during your surgery on Monday.
    To you both, my love and continued prayers,


  5. Blessings, dear Linda. I have tears in my eyes. Honoring this beautiful brave woman sipping her lemonade with bright eyes–and you for sharing this. Hugs to both of you.


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