Terrorist Trenary

Sitting in the reading room, searching for my place in my latest, greatest book….. a loud knocking on my front door disturbed my morning outing. Oh dear, find the necessary paper; exit the reading room and go to the front door.

Pat, the mailman, was standing there:

“Hi Pat.”

“You have a package.”

“I haven’t ordered anything.”

“But you have this package”Β  holding out this box…

Looking at the box:

“I don’t know anyone from this place; look at all the stamps and how it is all crunched on the side….”






“Well, it is light,” trying to hand it to me…

“What if it is from a terrorists? Do you think there is a bomb inside?”

“But it is to light for that”….thrusting the box and other mail into my reluctant hands…

“Pat, you look good…you lost weight…”

“Yes,” he said, “I have been working out but can’t get my eating under control…” trying to escape, he starts down the steps and continues on as I call out

“Have a good day”

As I walked back through the living room into the den heading to the kitchen to place the offending box on the table for consideration and perhaps to open in a safe place…

water on…

fire extinguisher out…

plastic bag under the box on the table if there is unknown powder in the box…

scissors out…

screwed up my courage and cut into the tape all the while looking at the name and thinking

“I don’t know this name….



I know someone there, I’m sure I must…”

cutting into the tape and then the cinnamon smell escaped….ahhhhh…..a card

and a giggle at my over active imagination…virtual turned real again….K…no, Kathy from Lake Superior Spirit…

“Yes..” I had said, when asked if I would like some TRENARY TOAST. I knew I liked cinnamon toast and I thought it would be good crunchy so I had said “yes”….a promise that next time in town and if any were available she would send this out to fountainpen and me. How could I forget?

In my haste to get the bag out I tore the bag…..and more cinnamon smell escaped…so I dug in through the hole like a little chipmunkΒ  scratching up my carrots and radishes in the planter box on the patio….taking one out…smelling and then biting into the crunchy treat with a big smile….it was indeed REAL..TRENARY TOAST from Michigan arriving on a balmy, windy day in Alabama.


put away the fire extinguisher

turn off the water

put away the scissors

and the plastic bag…

get out the bread plate

place the toast on the plate

make the coffee…







settling into the patio chair to enjoy the REAL, extremely tasty TRENARY TOAST both dry as well as dipped gently into steaming black coffee…

what else could one wish for…I had it all

Thank you, Kathy, for making my day….

I must add that not only did she take time out from her busy day to send the package but also, turning the card over, one could see…yep, you guessed it…it was her photo and she had made the card. All this, while keeping up with Barry’s knees, managing the town taxes, writing her blog, and answering all those Freshly Press Comments. She would be what I would call a Type A personality and a Super Mom/Friend/Neighbor/Etc. Etc. Etc.

I cannot remember how I stumbled into finding her blog, however, it has been not just a blog but a Destination Blog!



34 thoughts on “Terrorist Trenary

  1. Wow, this is fabulous! Funny, but not-so–and then so wonderful I could practically smell/taste the cinnamon toast!! What a blessing to have such a thoughtful friend!


  2. LOL What a wonderfully sunny story! I’m so happy for you and with you..

    Funny, that place in MI, my uncle used to live.. long time ago.


    1. That is a coincidence about your uncle. I had never heard of this place before; have one friend in Traverse City, MI but that was it until I started reading Kathy’s blog and viewing all of her snow photos….and following along on the “Destination Wedding.”


      1. Yes, it was … it was really a summer camp. They lived in Palatine, IL back then …before they retired and moved to Fla.

        will check out the snow photos πŸ™‚


  3. I am going to push the “like” button six times! What a funny blog…I am sorry to have put you through such a panic. The postal lady here & I had quite a chat about mailing Trenary Toast, too. I’m almost tempted to write a blog called “I was Almost a Terrorist.” Stay tuned. No other ideas are rolling around in this foggy brain.

    One note: I didn’t make the cards. Not type A enough for that. Fountainpen did! She sent them along as a gift. I love how the virtual world opens up magnficent new friendships.

    Speaking of which, I think we’re now friends enough that you’re going on my blog roll! Sorry for the omission. It’s hard thinking of Everything. **grin**


    1. Oh, how clever of Fountainpen. I have been meaning to check out that blog but have not gotten a “roundtoit”. I always keeping searching for those “roundtoits” when I go to Lowe’s.

      Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I use to have one but would get all tangled up in how to get it right so gave up. I may try again.

      I am going to give out my list of “Destination Blogs” which are the blogs I read religiously….with morning coffee and then I shall write short stories on Virtual Turned Real which all started with Women’s Window/Jeanne Webster, who sent me a Christmas Card of The Little Drummer Boy.


    1. Jeannie, how could you not have told me about this toast? I make Cinnamon toast but mine is soggy with butter and sugar and cinnamon…surely unhealthy but delicious. I know I will keep ordering this toast because it is far better than I could ever make.


    1. Thank you for reading, Lori….I know….who knew they were really real? Now they just keep popping up into my REAL world and just absolutely upsetting the balance of the Virtual World. Whatever can we do?

      Thank you for following my blog. I will be stopping in to check out what’s happening on your blog….and to sign up.


    1. Hey Sybil from Nova Scotia….glad you “bopped on over” because you need to know that Kathy is not really “real”…don’t tell her I said so….she hides in everyone’s computer and presses the like button over and over!!!!

      I need to know what’s going on in NS these days….so I’ll waddle on over and take a peek.


  4. Unlike Sybil, I’m not much of a bopper these days, but I did follow the amazingly yummy smell of the toast wafting over from your direction while I was on Kathy’s page. Love this story! Isn’t the internet the best? Who would have ever thought you would have found a ‘Kathy’ in your computer who would send you cinnamon toast? πŸ˜€


    1. Hi Joanne, thank you for following the TT smell (note that it now has become a national security matter so best to keep to initials).

      The internet is the best. Many times I think I know the folk in the blogging world better than I know those I see everyday.

      I read your comment on Kathy’s blog and noted you are from Australia. Two of my favorite students at my last University post was from there…loved to hear them talk and of course, they would tease me about my southern drawl.

      Will not bop over to your blog (really I don’t waddle) but will stroll over to see what’s going on “Down Under.”


  5. @Kathy…Trenary Toast…what Trenary Toast??

    Who in the blogging world knows anything about Trenary Toast?

    One should never write a post about this Kathy because then your inbox becomes flooded with comments and threats and terrorist hunting agents from Homeland Security…truly being Freshly Pressed could never be as much fun as this day turned out to be….

    Thank you, Thank you for the Trenary Toast….all three neighbors have enjoyed this delicate treat and we are all ordering online…. bags and bags and TShirts….’cause we ate the whole bag and emptied the coffee pot a couple of times!!

    Next, I expect ABC to interview you about Trenary Toast on their Made in America Series!! I’ll be watching πŸ™‚


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