Not in the Right Place

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Driving downtown yesterday, I realized that all my downtown friends are not where they are suppose to be, including me.

Jack, my mentor, friend and best buddy died with an aneurism.

Bonnie, the one where I purchased my clothes while I was teaching at Calhoun, later she worked at C.T. Garvin owned by my friends Shirley and C.T. Garvin, the oldest Feed and Seed Company in Huntsville which had been owned by their family from the 1800’s and they sold, even though there were children…Bonnie, has Alzheimer and does not know she is in the world.

John, my friend who owned the best ever Book Store ever…he let the house he was leasing go and moved to an antique store to a booth…no atmosphere.

It is so difficult to drive downtown and not have places to stop and visit. People just need to stay in their place and not go off and die or have Alzheimer. It just isn’t right….sad, sad, sad…that is what I am, sad, sad, sad.

Yes, I know life and death. You can’t have one without the other. I understand all of this but it does not help. I miss the places and the friends. I miss the life that was; not looking back with regret but with joy that these were and are my friends and I cherish them. I just want them back in the right place, according to me 🙂

6 thoughts on “Not in the Right Place

  1. I know. Understanding doesn’t really help.
    I was forty nine when I left my country, so in May this year, I’ve been away for eight years. At some point, I ceased counting friends that have passed away back home. Some really close, others in my circle of friends. Too many missing, now when I was home last Fall. I walked on the cemetery and finally allowed myself to mourn.


    • Thanks, Rebekah. I was living in MS working at the University when everything seemed to fall apart back here in AL. So many friends died that I did not mention and yesterday, I finally allowed myself to drive around and look at the places I loved but could not bring myself to go back to because “they” were not there. Everything was so strange.


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