“Genuine forgiveness does not deny anger but faces it head-on.”

        – Alice Duer Miller

18 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Well, you definitely have to face it, own it–otherwise it collects like my cupboard full of plastic grocery bags. And then you have to make a choice–forgiveness works best for me, difficult as it is some days. I can’t do it from my own imperfect heart–but with HIM, I can do all things.


  2. Caddo is so right. Its good to confront anger, own it and get it over with.
    So much good times are lost because of it.
    But when you can’t. When it seems totally insurmountable then “Give your anger up to God.” I have and it works.


  3. @Rebekah….you think :). I suppose one could practice amnesia but I don’t know how to have that either….therefore, the forgetting is here to stay…it does not hurt but it is just there.


    1. yeah … I was merely kidding. There’s no way to forget. I’ve worked on the ‘forgiving’ part for a few years and I’m getting better. Guess I agree with the other two ladies here — leave it all up to G-d, and let go.


  4. I don’t mind forgiving a person for the deeds they do… because if I don’t I will have to allow them to live rent free in my head…and I can’t have anyone else in there clogging up my thought process..


    1. Jade Donut, I have never thought about it that way….what a great concept…they are “living rent free in my head” ….and lord knows, I canot have anything clogging up the brain cells and my thought processes at this age!
      Thank you. A lot to think about again!
      Thank you for visiting and commenting. I have to check out your site, for sure.


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