clothes line

yesterday was very exciting

at the Dollar Tree i found clothes lines so not knowing how to judge distances i bought two 70 ft. of line

came home and put everything else away; started the pot roast and hurried outside to put up the lines

tied the lines between two trees….pulled them as tight as I could

rushed in and took the clothes from the washing machine

grabbed the old clothes pins

hurried outside to hang the clothes

my next door neighbor came outside

said, i want a clothes line

came over and we sat on the patio

to watch the clothes dance in the wind

reminding both of us of

the old days when we only had

green power to dry our clothes

a lovely thing to see clothes blowing in the wind

don’t know what the golfers thought

(did not hang the unmentionables out just yet)

another day perhaps

15 thoughts on “clothes line

  1. LOL about ‘very exciting’ 🙂
    There’s nothing like laundry that has been allowed to dry outside! I can still recall the scent of bedding that had dried in the wind and fresh air instead of the dryer.

    Nice to have neighbours that you know and talk with…


    • I love that fresh smell of clothes hung outside to dry. I read that the “clothesline” trend is on the way back in. The electric dryer uses more electricity than any other appliance in the house, I think I read somewhere.
      That wan’t really the reason. I love the activity of hanging out and bringing in fresh smelling clothes.
      Yes, very exciting!


    • Caddo, it’s the “in” thing now to have a clothes line….who would have thought this would ever come back again. I am wearing one of the pieces that were on the line today and it brings back great memories of times past!
      Thanks for stopping in so often…


  2. Take me home! Those were the days…yea, right. I had 4 kids, a roller washer, and a clothes line. Diapers filled most of them. Yes, it’s nice now to have time to hang out clothes. But back then a drier would have been soooo nice! 🙂


    • Jeanne, yes it would have been nice. I, too, had a washing machine and all those cotton diapers to hang out. It was rather dreary back then, but now that they are gone and all the grandchildren are at least on their way to being grown, it was a pleasure to hang out my clothes yesterday and to enjoy the smell of the freshness of the outside air once again.


    • Me, too, Kathy. It feels more like home to have a clothes line…or perhaps, I just remember my mom and her clothes lines between all the trees. It would be easy to dry the clothes; but I like the effort of hanging them out and then bringing them in with that great smell.


  3. Boy this post took me right back home. Did you ever hang jeans out there on a cold day? You could stand them up when they were dry!

    Nothing like sheets dried on “the line” though … Mmmm heavenly.



    • You know, Emjay, I do remember. I think I will dry a pair of jeans on the line this weekend since we are going to be below freezing and have a dusting of snow. It will be fun to see the jeans standing up like that!

      Thanks for stopping by to visit.


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