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I don’t have a blog roll.


Thoughts from a cranky old lady.

I don’t read a lot of blogs

I don’t have a lot of followers.

I don’t need for someone passing by to just hit the “like” button so maybe I will visit their blog.

If someone visits and feels like saying nothing that is o.k. If someone reads the post and does not like the post it is o.k. not to say anything or to click anything. I want to find the button where people can give the “thumbs down” to a post. Yes I am on Facebook but it is not for a social reason. It helps folk find the things I am trying to clear from my life…downsizing…

This is why I do not care for the “like” button and when I found myself doing the same thing, I really got pissed off at myself. So, I am judging myself as well as others even though we are told not to judge others.

Perhaps you have 800 followers. Do you respond to all 800? Reminds me of Facebook and all the friends people have. I once asked a young friend of mine if he knew all the people he was friends with. He did not. Is collecting a lot of friend on Facebook the end game? And when the lights go out do they/we know how to communicate without all the tweeting and twatting and googling, etc.?


Perhaps I am getting older and crankier.


Well, now I’m done.


16 thoughts on ““like”

  1. Uhmm….. did you know that you can easily remove the Like-button here in WordPress?

    I had a post about ‘Unfollow’, and there — in the comments — there were several arguments for the Like-button, but perhaps not exactly the same scenario. They were not people that just notoriously click like and NEVER say a word…

    In Facebook, ‘my people’ are both online buddies and real life friends.


    1. Yes, and I am about to remove it. Neither you nor your friends were I referring to with these two posts.
      Refer to Blogger to see what it is really all about. I think I just take out my frustrations here…lol.


  2. Ok, does that mean I’m the last to hit the LIKE icon?! 🙂
    I click it to let you know I LIKED your post. I comment to let you know I have something to tell you. It’s sort of like the old time pull-the-maid-service curtain-bound bell. LOL


  3. Hi Linda! I liked your post and when I hit the like button I really meant it…I apologize if ever I offended you by clicking the like button and not saying anything.. 🙂
    Anyways, if ever you will remove the like button no worries, I will understand..


    1. Thank you for stating how you feel. I am guilty of looking at the people who click like all the time and not saying why they like whatever it is that I have written; and I judge without knowing…maybe it was a busy day; maybe they did not have anything to add or say; maybe,maybe, maybe…somedays I am just out of sorts….not to worry, I really am not offended. Keep on writing. It is good for not only your soul but also as a record of your days.


  4. I have mixed feelings about that “like” button, too. I actually use my comments as links to visit and read blogs and I always wonder, hey, what about those “like” people? I don’t think you’re cranky; I think you’re honest and open and sharing what you’re thinking about. I quit Facebook after two years of agonizing about it in November and have never been happy. My cranky theory is that it makes friends & family LESS close.


  5. Hi Linda! I really like this–you give us permission to be “cranky”–and I agree, as I’ve wondered why people hit the like button on just about anything, but make no comments. Is it just so I’ll visit their blog–and at least thank them? When I started my blog this past August, I had to quickly decide whether I was going to “play the game” or be true to myself and sincere with others. False praise–and friendship–does no one any good.

    I came back here because I really wanted to! And I know that because I’d written a note to myself on a scrap of paper, with your blog name and YOUR name! So there! You’re welcome to visit me–but I’ll survive, if you don’t–and I’ll still send prayers of blessing your way! Have a lovely day. God bless you.


  6. PS–I just read Kathy’s comment, and had to say that I bailed on Facebook before the 2-week mark. I just set up a Google Plus account–and have done Nothing with it, so it may well go the way of my Facebook page…. Love to all of you here (sincerely! not trying to curry “likes”!)


    1. Caddo,
      I really liked your comment because as the others before you, I think all of you really read and “like” but this may not have been true for everyone who ticked that button. But, once again I am judging and this is not a good thing to do. I visit your blog and sometimes do not do anything,therefore, you do not know that I have been there. I have commented because I had something to say.
      I don’t know. Perhaps the “like” button should be changed to “Hi, I’ve been here but don’t have anything to say except I read and liked your post.”
      Somehow there has to be a better way to let good folk know that you are following even if you are not talking.
      Does this make any sense?
      I have a FB page only because I sell on ebay and it goes over to oodle.

      Thank you for your words and for letting me be cranky!


  7. Sometimes I click the Like button, because I genuinely liked it, but can’t think of anything to say at the moment. Also, if I’m reading something on my phone, it can sometimes be challenging to type, so I click like. As far as facebook, I think the whole “get as many friends as you can” phase has died down. It’s now more about quality that quantity. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comments, J9. I think I now understand why the “like” button is being clicked. I know that I don’t always know what to say and have clicked the “like” button. I think you are correct about Facebook. A number of my friends have pared down to the people they really know, just as I did about a year ago and then I did the same thing yesterday.
      Please do click if you like something. I was just kinda cranky!


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  9. You have to have a username & password to use the “like” button?
    I find that restrictive, especially after joining the blog.
    We must bring universal freedom to the “like” button!
    Long live the “like” button and may it always be free!
    Yes Linda, I am being a bit sarcastic — but you know me dear.
    Love your “clothesline”. I think I might even “like” it given the freedom without the red tape of the WEB.


    1. That is Facebook for you….not me….and I only have Facebook to market the stuff I am trying to sell. It is absolutely insane to think how much people are going to make when it goes public. Weren’t we smart enough to do this?
      So you found me. I wondered who followed this blog today.
      Received your letter and instructions for recs….so just you be careful…to bad they are already filled out. I don’t think TCU would like for me to use whiteout or x’d outs…:)


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