Candle Lighter Award

Jeannie Webster (Women’s Window) is always amazing. First, she decides to be real in my world by sending a real Christmas card when she knew she was a virtual person and not really a real person but the card said, “nah, I’m real…ha, ha”,Β  and now she essential is saying that I shine light in this world…the moody person, the doubting Thomas, at times; the nay sayer too so many social programs; the person without a voice writing to the President as Robbie the Clown; the Fat Granny with the bipolar personality who lives in two different world… the real and the make-believe. Yet somehow she looked beneath the surface and saw value. Thank you, Jeannie, for bestowing this award to me.

CandlesI liked the photo of a lot of candles….(bipolar popping out again)

Now here is the link: (hopefully I got this right)

copying the below from Jeannie’s blog: (by the way I could not find the Button to click at the top)

I call my award The Candle Lighter Award. It is for blogs and bloggers that light a candle in the darkness with their blog. What does it mean? Whenever I see a post or blog that I think brings light to the world, I will put a copy of this post and give them The Candle Lighter Award. What does the recipient have to do to accept it? Just accept it and put the Candle Lighter Award badge from my blog onto their blog. Please put the link from this post about my creation of the award in a post on your blog so people can read about it. What else do recipients have to do? Nothing. If they do think someone else is a Candle Lighter, they can surely give them the award anytime they want and as often as they want. [I’d love it if you could send me the links for the blogs you do find worthy of the award, because I’d love to see their blogs, too! But it isn’t required]. There is no limit to how many blogs you award The Candle Lighter Award to and no limit to how many times someone can receive it. But when you do, I ask that you use the link for this post.]

I accept this award and in time will be choosing others to whom I would like to give this award, however, here is my beginning list:

First I give it back to Jeannie!

…and even though Rebekah does not do awards, I always give her one anyway; stubborn of me but that is the way I am,

…and J9 for keeping me up to date on how the young folks dress,

…and Debbie whose lifestyle is simply awesome,

…of course, no list would be complete without LeRoy,

…don’t know a thing Chittle Chattle is talking about but I love to imagine what it would mean to be that creative,

…Ceceliafutch recently entered my world and I admire that she is juggling so much…family, school, her shop,

…and, to add something to my rules… to the family members who read my blog; Susan, Betty, Gloria and Kay…you are also Candle Lighters in my world and I thank you for your loyalty. You never know when I am going to start those other stories again πŸ™‚ over at

To all the nominees…keep up the great work; the amazing photos; the thought-provoking words…you make my day complete!

Nominations in order of above comments:


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