January Birthdays Lost


January is a month of birthdays for our family as well as friends. This post is about only one…a friend whom I truly loved.

How does one tell the story of losing a friend? It sometimes starts at the end and goes backward in time to what you should have seen in the beginning but chose to ignore all the warnings.

It is not easy to look at a friend, or father, for that matter, and state the obvious. You are abusing…..whatever, the drug of choice may be but in the end it comes down to choosing to save that friend from himself and by doing so losing that friend.

Would I do it again? Yes, because at least I know he is alive somewhere in this world and is better. He is once again an M.D. and can hold his head up amongst men.

Sometimes self loathing can create a dependency on drugs; sometimes a brutal accident, even though it may not be your fault can create a dependency to try to wipe out what happened…watching 30 or more surgeries on the face of the one you loved.¬† She is alive and as beautiful as ever; why keep on torturing yourself?

She chose not to sing again thinking she was disfigured when she was not; was this to hurt you? I do not know the answer to that question.

I miss this friend; I wish him well; wherever he may be. Today is his birthday.


I Miss My Friend

I Miss My Friend (song)
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8 thoughts on “January Birthdays Lost

  1. I can relate very much to this. The comfort in all this is that he’s alive and well today. That’s a marvellous thing! In most of these situations that’s not the case. Allow yourself to mourn.. it’s probably good for the mind.


    1. Yesterday, by finally writing a little about this, I released part of the sorry I feel when I think about the situation. It is such a long, sad story. I think I will always miss this friend and I do mourn for those times which “were the best of times, the worst of times.”

      Thank you.


    1. Thank you for the “heart hug” and the prayers and hopefully prayers for him and his family. Sometimes a tear in the heart is hard to stitch back together.

      On a happy note, I checked out your shop! What lovely photographs! You are a great manager of time.


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