A River of Stones

I’m not quite sure about everything going on here. I have loved stones all my life; I pick them up everywhere I go and ask friends to bring them back to me from wherever they visit, i.e. I have a stone from the Mediterranean Sea; one from Tolstoy Garden (my friend almost got arrested). So this challenge appealed to me. I wish I remember which blog I read that linked me to the page to start. I read Chittle Chattle which led me to MKMercurio’s blog and the challenge of being outside your comfort zone and from there to CeceliaFutch’s blog and maybe it was there that I found the River of Stones. Howsoever, here I am. I have not read all the instructions but don’t feel that I have to understand everything to start.

13 thoughts on “A River of Stones

  1. I’m not sure now either, but I think Cecelia posted in a link on Mercurio’s page..
    I thought it sounded interesting too 🙂
    Gerry have a great collection of stones..


  2. Hi Linda! Thanks so much for visiting my blog so that I could find you and get acquainted–I love “river of stones” and that you collect them from everywhere. I wish you all the best here, that you enjoy each rich day–God bless you!


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