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The scattered tea goes with the leaves and every day a sunset dies.
William Faulkner


When obtaining my B.A. degree in English back in the dark ages, my favorite American Author was William Faulkner. This quote always intrigued me and that is because I like tea; I do not read tea leaves but without the tea leaves either in the bag or in the strainer, it takes the leaves to make the tea. But first, the tea must be planted and grown and harvested. There is a beginning, a middle and an end or is there?

He states that every day a sunset dies…however, we all know that as we watch our gorgeous sun set, ending our day, it signals the beginning of a day for someone else, somewhere else.  Therefore, is it a fact or fallacy that the sun ever sets or rises?

Faulkner reads well and the thought of a sunset dying evokes a sense of beauty and sadness as well as a feeling of existentialist loneliness.

Many will write about the ending of the year 2011. This is a man-made ending which we all adhere to because rules are necessary for an orderly society. Time is not linear. Years do not start and end. However, we, as rational human beings find it necessary to begin and end our days and weeks and months and years and finally life.

No, I don’t have a better system. I have never made New Year’s Resolution. I end and begin things when I am out of sorts with myself  and then change my mind just as easily.

For those of you who make Resolutions, I wish you well whether you keep them or not is of no consequence; you had the courage to think about the coming year and make plans to improve your life. I admire you for taking those actions, therefore, to any and all who may read this:

HAPPY NEW YEAR a day early. I may not be able to see the sunset tomorrow, albeit it will set without my seeing same! The forecast calls for rain.


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