Do you want to change the world?

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Team FREDNET – The Open Space Society

Celebrating the 4th Year Developing Our Mission to the Moon!

Is your world better today than it was 10 years ago? Does your job, your business, your life’s work have a lasting impact on the future of your nation, your planet, and your species? Are you doing things that improve life for everyone? Do you want to live in a world where individuals can and do make a difference?

Do you see a world economy around you that is growing, thriving, expanding? Do you see increasing resources, cheaper and more plentiful materials, new frontiers of business, knowledge, science, government and society?

Do you want to change the world?

Team FREDNET began in a different world, with the simple Mission of improving our lives, our economy, our society, and our world by showing that we as a species can accomplish incredible things. While many of us see others protest with signs reading “We are the 99%”, the volunteers of Team FREDNET have been hard at work, building on the vision that will change our world. Our vision means new and better jobs (and many of our volunteers have found those jobs while volunteering for us), new opportunities, new industries: and most importantly a new frontier.

How can we justify such broad-ranging and forward-looking predictions? Because we watched it happen before! More than 50 years ago U.S. President John F. Kennedy issued a challenge to “go to the Moon before the end of this decade,” further saying that “We don’t choose to do these things because they are easy, but because they are hard.” The result of that Space Race invigorated massive, rapid growth in technology, and had impacts on everything from life sciences to microchips, from rockets to environmental studies. That was a mission worthy of giants, but

built by ordinary people who worked together to accomplish extraordinary things, “standing on the shoulders of giants” who went before them.

Now Team FREDNET‘s volunteers (all volunteers) are reigniting that vision with a New Mission. This time we will go to the Moon: but not under the guise nor in the trappings of any government. This is our Mission. The people’s Mission. And this one small step could be the most important Mission of your lifetime.

It’s Your Mission, … it can be done with Your help!

Going to the Moon is a big deal, and it is also an expensive one. Not one of our volunteers has the money to accomplish this task on his own. We don’t have even one billionaire-backer nor part-time volunteer. We don’t even have a hundred-millionaire helping out financially.  If you happen to be one of those people who has been blessed with those kinds of resources and you’d like to help complete this Mission, we won’t turn you away (and we have some unique opportunities you might like to consider).  But what if we can accomplish this without financial support from those 1%-ers? Wouldn’t that be a great thing? Wouldn’t that show that ordinary people, banded together, working diligently together, can accomplish extraordinary things?

It isn’t that hard to imagine how we can accomplish this, and here’s how you can help get it done. We’ve planned one of the lowest-cost lunar missions in history (probably the lowest cost lunar mission in history). Now don’t panic, because we’re about to show you a big number (yet small in astronomical/astronautical terms): US$40,000,000. Don’t Panic! Are you still with me? Here’s how we can do it, but only with your help. We’re only going to ask you for 1/1,000,000th of that amount   just $40   and one other small bit of help. Do you know at least 10 people who might also donate $40? Would you talk to them about this, show them this letter, pass it along in email? Would you be willing to ask them if they also know 10 people who can help?

We’re not asking you for $40,000,000. We’re asking you to help us build a network of 1,000,000 people who can each donate $40 (tax-deductible). That’s what it takes. 1,000,000 people with the vision to see that this is probably the most important and far-reaching Mission you will ever be asked to join in your life.

Where Will the Money Go?

Team FREDNET is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit research and education foundation. From CEO Fred Bourgeois, to Chief Scientist Mike Brown (CalTech), to EU Robotics Lead Joshua Tristancho (UPC), we’ve all been unpaid volunteers. For the last four years we have operated with no paid staff, no facilities, a donated Internet connection (thanks to the great folks at Hurricane Electric Internet Services,, donated Google Apps for Education and Charity (thank you Google,, donated network servers from a number of volunteers (who asked to remain anonymous), faculty, staff, students, and facilities at Universities (including the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the University of Virginia, Queens University-Toronto, Morehead State University, the University of Hawaii-Hilo, and, most recently, the California Institute of Technology), and a few companies (including AGI, Masten Space Systems, Honeybee Robotics), as well as from our volunteers’ own home computers, workshops, software, labs, and workstations. We’re deeply grateful to all of those listed (and many not listed) who have generously contributed time and materials to get us this far.

Now we’re ready to start building things. That means we need some key components, and that’s where the money will be spent. Here is a short list of some of the things we’re looking for – either using donated funding or through donated facilities:

  • An Engineering Facility (building) initially large enough to house ~20 engineering and administrative personnel, with an option to add additional space to accommodate ~100 personnel before the end of 2012. This needs to be in a commercial office building/park in the Silicon Valley or Pasadena, CA regions (two of our main hubs of activity), and should include both office and laboratory space.
  • A Mission Operations Center, (with Data-Colo and Communications Center), preferably housed in the same engineering facility as above. During 2012 we are ramping up our mission operations center (which is the primary Mission Control Center for our Lunar Mission), including software development, personnel operations training, data collection & storage, control systems prototyping, testing, integration.
  • Communications Network Build out. We are working with globally distributed partners to provide satellite communications capabilities from around the world as an open source / open participation sub-program.
  • Systems Development & Engineering. This includes robotics, GN&C and general control systems, mechanical, structural, thermal, acoustic, electrical and other major engineering systems design, development, fabrication, integration, and test.
  • Sub-Contract Services: Launch & Major Systems. We are not building a Launch Vehicle, therefore we will be negotiating a contract for launch using an existing one. Several other major Systems and Subsystems shall also be completed under contracts with our partners (e.g. the TLI and Lunar Lander stages).
  • Engineering Management and Administrative Staff. We have now passed the point at which we can remain an all-volunteer effort. While we still expect considerable volunteer support, consistent progress toward completing our Mission now requires a competent core staff of paid professionals.

That is the high level view. If you’ve worked in this field before, then you obviously recognize a lot of those terms. If you’ve not worked in this field, then just know that we’re diligently working to make this Mission a reality. The items listed above are the basics that support the completion of our Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and take us forward into the next phase.

Okay, I’m in! What’s next?

Great! We’d like to ask you to do these two* things:

    1. Make a tax-deductible donation of $40 (or more if you prefer) by following this link to our ChipIn / PayPal Donation link: (also accessible on our website at You will receive a receipt for tax-purposes via email. Then,
  • Pass this message along to at least 10 people you know who can understand this vision for the future. Include a personal note if you’re able, and mention that this is something you believe in! Tell them why, talk about it with them, and ask if they can also help raise awareness of this campaign. Don’t forget to mention that this is a tax-deductible contribution!
  • * — Well okay, there IS one more thing you can do, if you strongly believe in our vision and have time and talents to spare: Consider joining Team FREDNET as one of our volunteers. You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist, we need people from all walks of life!

Are You Ready to Go to the Moon Now?

Ad Lunam!


In Terra inest virtus, quae Lunam del.

Johannes Kepler, July 1600

Team FREDNET, The Open Space Society Inc.
A Tax-Exempt 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation
Authorized NASA Innovative Lunar Demonstrations Data Provider

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