When the challenge went out to Post once a day, I thought I was up for the challenge. I was and I wasn’t.

I have cheated by posting 29 on one day and I don’t know how many today.

I just wanted to be finished…so I posted 365 but did I post once a day? No. Therefore, as far as I am concerned this is a mockery of the challenge and I did not play by the rules.

So, it is done.

5 thoughts on “Last

  1. Ha ha! I thought I was up for it too, and basically I was … but then there was the trip to Sweden, and I also missed a few other days.

    Now I’ve been cooking the books too, which I rather prefer to cooking in the kitchen.

    I didn’t live up to the challenge and post once a day, but it has been much better than the photo challenge I took part in — 1 shot a day, which I failed miserably.


    1. Me, too. Next year I am not going to pretend that I am posting once a day. I am going to buy a better camera and write when I feel like writing. Today is an upsetting day. The neighbor next door, who lived here when I moved in, in 1978, had another stroke last night. This makes three and I don’t know what is going to happen. I baked apples which I may write in my Fat Granny series; and I made my “White Paper” hand/body cream to give to those who really like it for Christmas.
      I wanted to be a writer, a musician…perhaps I am a little bit of both but not to the extent I could, should oughta be.
      You’ve hung in from the first, when you read the “whole” thing, to the last. Get Gerry to give you a “thank you” hug from me!


    2. Bravo to you Rebekah! Unlike you, I had spurts and if I didn’t write – I didn’t stress. It was a good challenge and best of all, I made some really wonderful friends. Maybe someday they will visit Colorado and I will get to visit in person!

      Congratulations to you!



  2. Sorry about your neighbor…..will call you later. Wish I had some baked apples……I was talking with a 90 year old woman in the grocery store yesterday and she was telling me that she was going home and bake some. She was a really cool lady….most delightful.


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