catching up

Well, for those of you who follow this blog, it was a day of catching up…failing to post some days and then deciding at the eleventh hour that I wanted to have 365 posts and there were some tasks I had not completed this year anyway; therefore, I am almost there.

Tomorrow will be rainy and bad and I may not feel like doing much. My skinny tall Christmas tree decorated mostly in white and gold and only with ornaments given to me has become a challenge to capture.

Maybe tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “catching up

  1. Well …that’s what I’ve been doing too. Also went through the list of posts, because I had 336 published, but only 326 tagged dailypost2011. That’s corrected now and when my last two ornaments are up, I’ll be up to par *grin*…


      1. well … no. That tagging thing was mainly for them to show up in the WP Daily Blog.
        I had only ten untagged, so it was easy. But you could make up a category instead, and name it Daily Post 2011, and move all the posts there. That’s easier… and it will look neat 🙂


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