No dreams today; no rants.

This little Christmas tree I picked up from beside the road. I love curbside treasures. I thought that the little tree did not want to go to the dump, so I rescued it and brought it to the clinic where we set about decorating it. Turns out that now it is my favorite little tree.

The paper ornaments beside the tree were made by my children for me when they were young. The most important ornaments of all!

I sent my son for a branch to use when he was probably 12 and he and his neighborhood friend hiked up Weatherly Mountain, the one walked every day to get to school, and found this branch for me. A few branches have broken off during all this time, yet it remains part of the “Christmas” decorations used each year.

The wreath on the left corner, my son made from baggies tied on a hanger. He was so proud of it when he brought it home. I wish I remembered the year and on the right hand corner is an ornament my daughter’s son made for me one Christmas when they were here.

The cart was being thrown away by the University and of course, you know, I brought it in after making sure it was truly out for trash.

I think that about covers the items except the dining room chair that is in the way!

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