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Mobile, AL

Always I try to write and always I think of all the things I want to write in my head that never make it to my journal. The days began to get bad on 01-05-2001.

The phone lines were down in Huntsville; This clinic has been out of compliance with CLIA since 1993; T.B. does not have a high school diploma and cannot run lab, even though that has been her position. Take home meds cannot be in envelopes; violation of pharmacy laws; so they, this clinic, has been out of compliance since the beginning. On 1-06-2001, a Saturday clinic, the flow was awful and then when I cam back to the apartment I had little black ants in the kitchen.

On 01-07-2001 Jim called needing $500.00 so I sent a CitiBank check; that’s all I had.

I had more ants, so I took Laddie to the clinic while they sprayed for ants. We picked up some paper work and came back  to put my washing into the dryers. Washing takes 30 minutes; drying 45 minutes. (I had asked if I had to pay an extra pet fee for the ants).

Laddie and I went back to the clinic and a man was trying to get in the door. He said he needed a doctor badly. I said I was looking for a friend and did not know if the clinic was open or not. I left with Laddie and he followed me. I told him to ask at Burger King, two doors down, where he could find a doctor. He followed me until I lost him. I went to a Rite Aid.

On Monday, 01-08-2001, we had firemen (about 7+ the Chief) and 1 policeman and 2 EMT’s because of the Ben Gay smell in my office. We had to vacate the building.

On Tuesday the 9th, we had a Cherry Bomb or gun shot during clinic thrown at M.T. This resulted in having 2 ATF’s and 2 policeman disagreeing with each other. Only the ATF agent agreed with the LPN that it had been a cherry bomb or gun shot; the men thought it was a vehicle back firing.

After this all happened my billfold was stolen so I spent the rest of the night and next day dealing with credit cards and bank accounts. The police came and I made a report. They were not nice.I would assume they thought that every day something was coming down at the clinic and were tired of trying to figure out what was what.

Will continue story this weekend. Have clinic tomorrow. Must go to bed.

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