Aktay City Kazakistan

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Yesterday, 01-03-2001, the only thoughts I had while walking Laddie was when he barked at a sea-gull in flight. I wished we both had wings…so he could go back to his roots in Siberia and I could be in many places at once.

Today, this a.m., I found 11 pennies in the parking lot. Was that an omen? No, now at the end of the day I can only say that the day was one of frustration. Questions without answers. Laddie was very good and stayed in all day. We walked again this p.m. by a restaurant supply store. The man there said he had dogs, 5 cats, horses, ducks, etc. He drove a white vehicle and invited us in to look at the utensils. He said he would walk Laddie, if I would like. I could not let Laddie go with a stranger, even though he seemed kind.

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