Laddie and I walked quickly. It was very cold.

There were mornings, growing up in a house so cold, I hated to get up. Today, here and now, I hated to get up because I kept the room colder for Laddie. He slept better, as did I.

Back to the past, I can remember Daddy building the first morning fire; the coals stoked the night before. There was always the smell of wood smoke on our clothes. Mother would be in the kitchen firing up the wood stove; when I smelled the coffee perking I would get up knowing the water in the kettle would be getting warm enough to take my bath. Bath meant washing off from a wash pan in front of the fire. Going to the bathroom meant going outside to the outhouse, in the cold as well as the heat. Mother would make my lunch, a sausage biscuit. Going through a drive thru and getting biscuits and sausage was not an option back then; ashamed that we were so poor that I couldn’t afford to eat in the lunchroom, I would hide behind the school building behind a tree to eat my biscuit. Sometimes, if someone saw me I would throw the biscuit away. What I wouldn’t give to have one of those biscuits and sausage now. McDonald’s would have stiff competition if Mother were alive and folk could stop through her kitchen for biscuits and sausage.


one sausage biscuit
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near-sighted I was; how immature.

P. S. As of this date 2011, there is one distance memory of this happening.

4 thoughts on “01-02-2001

  1. Interesting. These are diary entries that you’re typing up?!

    There was a time in my life when I was poor like that, but not when I was a kid, and it was due to my own doings. Lost a lot of weight, but strangely enough I didn’t get sick.

    Found a diary, now when I was home, and brought it with me. Thought it was from the 80’s, which would have included this period, but it was a later ‘era’ 🙂


    1. Yes. Keeping a journal of my walks with Laddie while in Mobile, AL working at a clinic to bring back in compliance with all the different laws, rules and regulations. I didn’t have a lot of time to think and when I did, it was always back to the past when life was a little bit saner.


  2. Those were the days… Children are so sensitive, aren’t they.

    We didn’t have sausage biscuits for school, just peanut butter sandwiches made from homemade bread. We thought that was awful, to not have store bought bread. My oh my!

    Memories… thanks for sharing, Linda.


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