Two Men and a Dog

Golden retriever in the snowMost unusual day.

I walked at 6 a.m. Storms moving in but my neighbor woke me up ringing the Westminster Chimes doorbell so I rolled out and dressed and walked. One time around the block and it was bathroom time so I came in; took care of the problem and was back out to catch up with my neighbor.

This man person who has lived in this neighborhood as long as I have and who walks every day as I try to do has never, ever spoken to me. Not even when I had Laddie. He would walk his two dogs; I would walk mine; the dogs probably spoke but he never did. I tried speaking but soon gave up that exercise in futility.

Today when I was headed back out, I saw him coming with one of his dogs so I just turned sideways at the end of my drive and stared at the slightly pink ripple of the clouds. thinking what my daddy would say “Red sky in the morning; sailors take warning”.

Suddenly there is a loud “Good Morning”. Startled, I replied, “Good Morning” and wondered “Is he speaking to me? Perhaps he is dying and wants to make sure his bases were covered. Maybe he is getting dementia…something was definitely wrong…it couldn’t be that he had overheard me saying ‘I don’t like looking at a half-naked man and he has no manners because he never speaks.'” He passed on by with his dog. I continued to stare at the sky. No answers there. Not expecting another miracle I went to meet my neighbor.

The rain came in loudly with lights dancing across the soot black sky. Water puddled in the front courtyard. I had settled in for a long day of reading James Patterson. Once again the Westminsiter Chimes bring me from the depths of my book to go to the door. Who was out in all this rain?

A strange man was coming to my door with a white plate in his hand. He looked rather nice and it was my plate. My demented mind wondered “Where did this man get my plate?” Did not have long to wait for the answer. He states, “Kay wanted me to drop this plate off to you. Thank you for the donuts. That was very nice.” Awha, Kay’s husband from two doors down…donuts and waking them up at some ungodly hour to give the newest people in the neighborhood donuts. He said: “It is a bad day to be out.”  I asked how he got through the puddled water leading to my front entrance and he said that he had walked on the bricks…therefore keeping dry. I thanked him for returning the plate. I watched him walk the bricks leaving. How weird to be out in the rain with a plate.

I only see men if I am out at the mall. Having two speak to me in one day on my property makes me think that perhaps the world may come to an end before 2012.

Take that bit of information and pair it with the fact that I was nice and without a doubt something big is about to come down, no doubt!


9 thoughts on “Two Men and a Dog

  1. Strange … and intriguing, what made the first one say good morning out of the blue, after all that time?! Nice, though…

    My sister-in-law, with whom I stayed, has a dog. She walks the dog several times a day, and often meets the same people with dogs. They talk. One guy, she chats with every morning, she told that she had visitor from Canada. Oh, the guy said … I’ve lived in Canada …in St. Anne-du-Beaupré. My SIL managed to memorize that name and told me. It’s next to Quebec City, and of all places in this vast country he had lived there! I never talked with him myself, but I should have.. 🙂


    1. Yes, strange, because I have lived here since 1978…close to 34 years and to speak today? Well, I had gotten to the point where when I saw him approaching I would turn my head and look at the opposite side of the street and ignore him. Will probably still do that because I dislike for me to wear short shorts, no shirt with a pipe in his mouth…if you can imagine. Has a lot of chest hair….really disgusting to me so I just don’t want to look at him.

      When I had Laddie, I chatted with a lot of people who had dogs.

      I would have been curious about the “man” who had lived in Canada enough to go on a walk with SIL, I think.


      1. that sounds a bit appalling .. I’d look away 😉

        Would have done that — gone with her — but it was in the end of my stay, and I overslept… He’d been married to a native American, and there is a lot of those villages around St. Anne..


          1. They’re called Innu, and I must rephrase that … they don’t live around St. Anne … they just go there once a year because St. Anne is their patron saint, and there’s a huge basilica there. People come from all over North America.

            You mentioned James Pattersson … I’ve read two romance novels by him and they were really good. Seems to be very different from what he normally writes..


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