Getting to 365. This means, for me, 2.438ths post per day from now on. Please enjoy the .438ths post each day because here it is:

Dear God,

I write to the President. He does not answer so I will try writing to you.

I wrote one letter in 1985; then I wrote 4 letters in 1997. That is 12 years apart but I suppose you can subtract as well as I can. I could perhaps share parts of the 1985 letter for my .438ths of a post.

“I have been writing to the President (1985 we had a different President, remember?) but I guess he was the wrong person to write to; only you can bring about the changes I asked him to look into for me. He tried, I guess, I don’t know, but being a good person I think he tried.

“You see, God, I needed to write somebody about my concerns; you have so much to take care of without my whining about numbers and lockers and land. If Ruth Montgomery is right about our choosing to come back to try to make up for past wrongs…please help me not have any past wrongs…I don’t want to come back…I don’t want to be here in the first place. Folk say to have faith; I had faith. Folk say it will get better; it didn’t. I didn’t forsake you; you forgot about me. The Bible says something about a sparrow; nothing about me; No mention of clowns and I am a clown, Robbie, the one folk laugh at, not with. The one who made poor choices; the one who has come to the end of the circus without a brass ring or a copper penny or a farthing. I cared about doing the right thing. I worked hard. I educated one person and housed another. They both ended up hurting me. Why? Please don’t explain; I don’t want to know; I don’t want to complain; just show me a different circus.

“Why are human beings so angry at one another? Where is the peace, the long-suffering, the caring? Where is justice? kindness? where is equality?”

…..Painting by Tink Selah; subject, Robbie the Clown…..


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