Gus is a white dog I saw in a crate. The crate sat in front of Pets Smart in what we call The Target Shopping Center where cows use to roam, even after I arrived here in 1970.

Gus just looked out of his crate, observant but not pleading, as I walked in to get my hair cut last weekend. Since my Laddie was white, I am drawn to white dogs. When I left, I checked and Gus had decided to  take a  nap. I knew not to walk over because I cannot have another dog. I travel a lot and it would be unfair to the dog and me to start a relationship. I could not endure putting another pet down or leave the pet to strangers should I get put down first. So I left.

Today I took the Sparboe Eggs back to Target after watching ABC news last night about McDonald changing egg suppliers for their Egg McMuffin. There was Gus in his crate. I parked a long way from the dogs but I could hear them barking….I did not think that it was Gus. He was too laid back.

I returned the eggs and received my refund of $1.10…but that is beside the point. The eggs might be tainted. So after buying white tea in two different flavors, I left Target to go to Wendy’s to get my replacement Sprite from a week ago when I got what tasted like quinine water and a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger. Going to Wendy’s I could see that Gus was still in his crate observing people as usual.

When I left Wendy’s, no Gus. I panicked and went back around to park my car. I got out and approached the ladies at the desk to find out about the “white dog”. They told me “Gus” had not been adopted; lived at The Lodge; would not be euthanized; and was probably just wandering around somewhere. Everyone seemed to love Gus. After saying I could not have a dog; making an unasked for donation; they invited me to visit Gus at The Lodge fairly close to my house.

I wonder if I could go to see Gus and leave without him?

6 thoughts on “Gus

  1. I personally think that would be very hard … at least judging from what I just read, and my own frame of mind.

    I read an ad in 1986, about Persian kittens … thought I could just go there and have a look! Pfft.. That’s when I adopted Hadassah and lived with her for sixteen years.


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