having lost “my voice” i pulled in post from Dear Mr. President which few people found or read that did not matter much to me but i seem to like to keep things more organized and less scattered about i thought i could cull out different things and maybe center myself to pick something to write about i cannot and so i have stopped trying to do so and pretty much just stopped trying to write other blogs are creative and funny and have lovely photos and i am not any of those things and feel that i no longer have much i can offer so if i sound like i am whining i am and am not just the way i feel

in organizing my past i came across another series i started and like other things stopped not ever being centered on one thing having been told i am a sporadic thinker and now i know i am a sporadic writer and jump around as much as my mind does my sister-in-law calls it puddle jumping and that is a good enough term for me i hear what people say and i am not trying to have a cute reply my mind just goes off in 10 different directions at one time and sometimes i never even finish a sentence after starting 3 at one time perhaps this is a sign but i dont know of what

well i am going to input this series because i want all my past writing to be in one spot do you think i am throwing away those ragged pieces of paper well no how could i throw away those fragments from a moment in time because the paper holds memories as well telling me exactly where i was like a christmas party or a patio stare down of chipmunks and squirrels or wind in the streets of a city from a crumpled napkin

photos will continue to appear as i write about the family i am now making envelopes for each to give them all

clearing the path so to speak

7 thoughts on “sporadic

  1. oh my if you feel that you don’t write creative or funny posts i have worse problem and i’ve thought of quitting many times because of this i feel like i’m stupid … dumb … unintelligent because i don’t understand what they’re writing about and hence don’t know what to say in the comments this just undermines whatever little self confidence i’ve tried to build everyone seems to be so well educated and well read somehow i’ve continued anyway trying to convince myself that we’re all different and my life was perhaps not totally wasted after all but most of the times i just want to crawl back under a rock i don’t even know why i put myself through this


    1. you are none of those things degrees do not make a person a person makes the degree it is not in education but in the authentic self that matters and that you have where so many of the others fail in being authentic we are truly human open to what life has to offer and you have had a truly amazing life your photographs are truly amazing and your words true you dont preach at folk or judge or befuddle you bring out the best in us and this is what makes you truly amazing.


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