Ferris Wheels and Merry Go Rounds


The first Ferris wheel from the 1893 World Col...
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Clown Alley

1 Clown Place

Purpleborough, USA

Dear Mr. President:

Hi, it’s me Robbie the Clown.

Scrap the tea idea…As circus people we know how to give solar energy/green energy….our ferris wheel and merry-go-round does that, doesn’t it? Perhaps we can apply for money to upgrade those because we know that this two things have worked for a long time.

You know, you just can’t trust everyone….or rush into something. You could visit with my little people in purpleborough and learn how we have to grease our rides to make sure they are working properly. You just can’t put people, who pay their money for something, into such precarious positions….I think I got the right word…citizens/voters like to get their dollars worth and our circus would not cost $500 million.

Could you consider the idea of utilizing our little rides to help out before we put them away for the winter. After our fall shows we have nothing to do but wait.

Best to you, sir,

Robbie the Clown


(To Jeannie (Women’s Window)…you have already read this on the other blog and commented!)

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