Dear Mr. President

Good Afternoon, Sir.

It’s Robbie the Clown. I thought we could be a little less formal and dispense with my address at the top. Of course, everyone knows where you live, unlike Purpleborough’s Clown Alley and One Clown Place.

Today Po, our little circus dog, came bouncing in to announce it was time to clean the sewers and cabinets so all the little circus people were very busy getting things all shined up in preparation for the fall and winter, our slow season. We don’t have a wintering place nor a summering place, we are where we are. When all was finished I got to thinking about how big your house is and wondered if you had people to clean out your sewers and cabinets. I heard down at the store, when I was getting some meal to make cornbread, some older people talking about your cabinets and I wondered what could be wrong with them. Then today it struck me that they were simply talking about fall cleanup.

Now, we know how to do that Sir. You see, every night after our circus performance we have to clean up. Not to be vulgar or ugly, Sir, but you do know how animals are…they just poop-to-poop anywhere, so we have to make sure things are clean for the next group so we grab our shovels and pitchforks and clean it all up.

With all the cabinets you must have that must mean a lot of work for you, Sir, or the people you have to clean up for you. We sure could use some extra work since our season is over and we are looking for a job. We could help you with those sewer and cabinet problems and get them sparkling clean for you. It is always good to clean up…

Let us know if we can help, Sir. We could take our little train out and you could  send us a map with instructions on how to get from where we are to where we need to be, it would make it real easy to get everything all clean and shiny again.

Hope you are having a good day, Sir.

Robbie the Clown

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