Dear Mr. President

Clown Alley

One Clown Place

Purpleborough, USA

Dear Mr. President:

Hi, it’s me, Robbie the Clown. I am rather troubled, Sir. Emma Lou (I have included her photo), my mother’s second cousin on her mother’s side, rode her little pony up the hill to Purpleborough to seek our advice. I referred her to you and the folk under the big top but she is rather timid so I said I would write you a short note.

She saw all these folk praying outside this building. All day they came and took shifts praying. She crept closer and closer trying to hear what they were saying. She said they were praying for “children in the womb“. She came away puzzled because she said in her small town of Red Rock that their were many homeless children and she did not see anyone praying for them and she did not know why. They all try to pitch in and feed these children that no one seems to want any more. They called a town hall meeting to discuss praying that perhaps some of those who were praying for “children in the womb” would perhaps come and take those who were “outside the womb” who needed pray and care. She did not mind that they were praying, for that is their right; she says she needs to tell her town if there will be an effort to care for those already here.

Could you get them a message, Sir, about these dire circumstances? I know you care for those who are living without the necessary food and clothes in other parts of the world. Could you just please do something about those in Red Rock, USA?

Thank you, Sir,

Robbie the Clown

(Jeannie, you have already read and commented!)

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