Fall Mums

I am not a participant in Photo Challenge or anything else. However, I thought I would share my fall mums. You see, they are rather an anomaly.

Last fall I purchased these small mums to put in a grouping in a planter. They did not look right there, so I moved them and apologized for doing so. Next, they went into a large pot but failed to prosper and so I apologized to them yet again and moved them to the flower bed under the bedroom window. They looked very lonely and did not show up so in exasperation, I moved them to where they are now and said “I am sorry, but I don’t know where else to put you. Fall is now over; I am tired; you’re on you own.” and covered them with leaves.

They came up this spring and the purple have been blooming all year. The yellow finally began to bloom and I am the only person in the neighborhood with fall mums actually planted in the ground and not purchased this fall and hung up in a pot  soon to be killed by the first frost.

I would assume mine decided they had better do something or be moved yet again. I told them to relax. They would stay put because I thought they were lovely. The frost did not do much damage.

And the last photo:

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