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Today is the birthday of my great-niece, the first child of my oldest brother’s first son. They did not live anywhere close to where I lived, therefore, she would not know very much about me or my family.

My sister and her husband and I went to visit her in Colorado. It was a marvelous trip for me. We flew part of the way and then drove the rest of the way. I made lots and lots of photographs, however, my brother-in-law wanted those photographs, so I gave them to him. We drove the Million Dollar highway on our way to Creede where she lived with her family. It was a beautiful drive to Creede. We often talk about that trip and the good time we had.

Their home was built by her husband and perhaps his family, I don’t remember exactly. The woodwork was absolutely stunning. He stated that he had picked up dead wood in the forest and brought it home. The stair railings were really one of a kind.

I loved the little town of Creede. However, I can understand how it could become confining, as all towns are from time to time. Everyone knows everyone else as well as your business. I did not grow up in a small town. I grew  up in a very small rural community and everyone knew everything which became tiresome, at best.

She has moved now and I read her Facebook page from time to time trying to find a connection to the past. The children have gotten older and the photos are adorable. I often wonder why I stay on FB, and this is the answer for me. To read the postings and see the photos of family whom I never see in person. Unlike the old days, we all live in a global world; not in small knit units of extended family.

I hope this will be a happy day for her, wherever she is, and that she will, from time to time, kindly remember her grandfather, my brother. I remember how happy he was to have another granddaughter. He did not live long enough to know that she married and had beautiful children.

Happy Birthday, Carly, and may you have many more.


5 thoughts on “Great Niece

  1. Nice to learn a little more about your family, and hope she’s having a great day.

    It’s something about the town of Creed, COL. …I don’t know why I recognize it, I must have heard about it quite recently — maybe on TV, or if any of the bloggers here live in Creed!?


  2. Yes, they were paper. I never even scanned them in. I have thousands of photos not scanned and I thought I would probably not look at them anymore. My brother-in-law, who will be 85 on Nov. 23, really likes to look at them.


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