Fat Granny

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Well, I thought I would pop in and give you the latest update from the doctor.

I thought that my horrible eating habits in Mississippi contributed to my over weight condition and indeed this is true. However, eating healthy for the last year brought my cholesterol up from 222 to 257 and LDL to 176….both up from last year. Now this is astounding.

Now, after a year of asking this same Internist: How can I lose weight and hearing him say: Cut back on what you eat with no other discussions, I had decided not to ask him anymore.

Now he states rather pompously: “You have to lose 10 pounds.”  I weigh 150 where I have stayed for a year, after losing 10 pounds when I first returned from Mississippi.

He then states that eating a healthy breakfast is the key: Oatmeal, eggs, fruit… and cut back on what I eat the rest of the day.

Therefore, I ate a bowl of oatmeal, a boiled egg on a piece of dry toast and not having fruit, I decided that a piece of banana nut bread would substitute for a banana. Well by the end of three or four days of this regimen I had gained 2 pounds. Perhaps it was the banana nut bread. So I gave the remainder away (this is after eating the majority of the loaf). Surprising enough, I had baked this myself without actually ruining or burning. Used a Chiquita Banana bread mix with two mashed bananas and assuming that nuts are good for you,  I tripled the walnuts.

After this fiasco of eating healthy, I decided my body knew what it liked and I would go back to my diet when I weighed 110. After much deep thought, I came up with 3 things I ate other than pop tarts, pizza and hamburgers….grapes, cheese and crackers. Therefore, now I am eating one bowl of oatmeal and a piece of dry toast with jam for breakfast,  then sort of grazing the rest of the day. Soup, crackers, cheese, sunflower nuts, peanuts…whatever might be in the cabinet. Perhaps these unruly eating habits plus lots of activity will get the weight off. I lost the two pounds and am holding at 150.

Do you think my scales are stuck?

Last night I read that Amaranth would help bring the cholesterol down so I thought I would jog on over to GNC (probably drive because I am sure it will rain from this cloudless sky if I walk over) and look for this oil and stop off at Dollar General for some DCon to get rid of the pesky, cute, chipmunks before they undermine my entire house and I fall down the black hole.

I’ll keep you posted.

11 thoughts on “Fat Granny

    • He has disappeared into his own domain. Haven’t seen him. Hear him with his blower trying to blow the magnolia leaves from my tree through my chain link fence back into my yard. It’s funny. I have all mine piled up against the fence trying to get them high enough for a physical barrier….lol.


    • Thank you….maybe you’ll can keep me on track. Today was rather a stressful day with all the American Airlines stuff….I ate “whales” Stouffers….don’t think they were on my list of things to eat!

      I did eat an apple to off set the whales.


    • Thank you Jeanne. Maybe you’ll can keep me on track here if I just write about it enough, I’m bound to feel guilty if I cannot post that I lost at least o.2 pounds in a week….lol…guilt myself into not eating at night when we all seem to pig out in front of the T.V.


  1. Doesn’t that just tick you off? They tell us to lose weight but they don’t tell us how. Wanna know a secret? They don’t know EITHER!

    The only thing that’s ever help me take off and keep some weight off is to eat a high protein breakfast, lots of fruits & veggies and very little grains.

    I wish you good luck with this .. and can certainly appreciate the struggle 🙂


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