American Airlines

Chicago skyline at sunrise
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A scheduled trip to see my grandson play in one football game, the one honoring seniors, has hit a snag. American changed my flight schedule and now I have to make more decisions when I thought everything was all set.

Chicago is not a favorite city and I truly do not like flying into/out of O’Hara. Is this a phobia? I had scheduled to fly through Houston and then into San José. Easy flight; known airports.

The only time I flew into Chicago, I had this harrowing taxi ride into downtown Chicago. The flight was fine; the taxi driver almost killed us on the freeway. Perhaps the bad memories are at play here.

2 thoughts on “American Airlines

  1. Good suggestion. I will have to ask American if I am allowed to do this. AA and I have been talking for a couple of hours to try to sort this out. I have to arrive in time for my grandsons football game on Friday and AA will not let me leave a day early without changing my fare.

    Thank you for your suggestion.


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