Today is Daddy’s birthday.

There is never closure.

I hope he thought it was “worth it” to have me as a daughter.

All the memories of time spent and time lost remain and that keeps him alive in my head and heart.

He will never be “gone” or “passed away”.

He is.

7 thoughts on “Daddy

  1. Linda, I thought of you this morning, I remember you said that it was today when you commented on my blog. I’m sending virtual ((((hugs)))) to you today,

    You know, our memories are really precious. Those who are no longer with us live on through them. Never stop talking about him – to anyone that knew him. I just know that he loved you and was really proud of everything you did. That generation couldn’t always put it into words, that wasn’t their fault. Hopefully we do it a little better – we can always hope…..

    Take care.


    1. Daddy could not express his emotions but his eyes gave him away….felt those virtual hugs…I planted some of the irises today. Daddy was always working…so I know those irises are really going to grow and bloom where they are now. Will photograph in the spring. I worked in the misting rain!


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