VanGogh-Irises 2

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A blogger friend Chittle Chattle brought a chuckle from me this a.m. It had to do with blogging or not and moving irises.

Yesterday I did move more irises….I keep digging the poor things up and moving them. If they ever bloom again it will be a miracle.

I tell my plants when I plant them: Don’t get use to this spot; I’ll probably move you.

So it is with people. We move from spot to spot; sometimes within our own “spot”. People come and go; friends stay no matter which “spot” you plant yourself.

So, thanks, CC. I have to plant the irises somewhere, however, some are going to new homes. tornados took away everything from some of the people in Huntsville. I am giving irises to those who wish to rebuild their yards with a few irises tucked here and there.

4 thoughts on “Irises

  1. LOL! That was fast.

    I love irises. They are such delicious colours. We have some that are from stock brought from family nearly 40 years ago. We keep moving those too, I’m sure yours will be fine, What a lovely gesture. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of the background of our irises.


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