Mama sat with

Papa and Granny on the front porch

In the swing on the left hand side;

Aunt Louise sat with her.

They watched the cousins play

Hopscotch…throwing a large stone

to the proper square…drawn by a

fallen stick from the old oak tree.


“Papa, looks like the ground is dry now.”

“Yep, can plow the back forty tomorrow.”


“You stepped on the line…my turn now!”

“Did not…still my turn!”


“Did not!”


“Preacher is coming Luther, best put out your cigarette.”

“Aw, Maggie, Lord know I smoke. What difference does it make?”

Mama rocks gently in the swing.

Preacher sits a spell. Prays before he leaves.

We stopped playing…”respect”…they told us

For a Man of God.


We thought God would rather have played Hopscotch.



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