For those of you who may from time to time check out this blog, I have decided not to write more than 3 times a week but most likely once a week. My daily life does not lend itself to anything worth writing about.  For example:


up and dressed

take medication

make coffee

ate cereal for breakfast

check email

read blogs or not

read the paper

talked with my sister-in-law about how long I have had the sinus infection

moved a few irises from under the tree to under another tree

showered to remove pollen

slept again

watched Anderson Cooper….pretty much the only show I watch

walked around the block

made a salad


called my sister-in-law to discuss real estate where she lives

will call my sister at 7 p.m. as usual

Most days look like the above


5 thoughts on “Posting

    • Thanks Debbie…should have posted my daily life this week…it was way beyond reality! Nothing like feuding with your neighbor and having the whole neighborhood involved in the frolic!


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