Down Side Up

Reading the newspaper: Brookgreen Gardens in P...

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The old man sitting quietly

on his worn, wooden, park bench

blinks his now pale blue eyes

searching the headlines of his

fading newspaper print…

to find the article

that will proclaim

the fountain of youth.

The middle age woman walking briskly

through the crowded streets of middle class American cities

searching faces of passing people

to find the one

that still has within

the child of yesterday.

The bright teenager thinking carefully

competing for space in the marketplace

searching the books

of new ancient knowledge

to find the wise words of middle age women and old men

that will outline for him

the path to maturity.

The squirming child sitting restlessly

on the worn wooden part bench

blinks his deep blue eyes

searching the backside

of the brightly printed newspaper

to find the headlines that will proclaim

the wisdom of children.

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