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This would mark the 50th wedding anniversary if two people had not failed. I often have wondered at this phenomenon while viewing the couples pictured in newspaper observing their 50th, 60th, etc.

Last night I thought of three famous marriages that ended in tragedies, in my opinion. Two, I think you would agree with; the third is just one example of a woman “standing by her man” whatever that means.

Princess Diana married Charles who obviously married her to produce heirs to the throng. What a travesty for the children. Their father finally married the one whom he obviously loved; however, in the meantime, it seems that Diana lost her way; the children lost their mom and the world lost a beautiful young woman “out of time.”

Jacqueline Kennedy lost her husband in what has been cast as a lone gunman theory which many do not believe. Before he was shot in Dallas, their were so many rumors about JFK, real or not they existed and have played out through the years. The most recent interview with Carolyn is very poignant as she remembers the good times and her mom. If her father had lived would her mother have remained? We will never know.

Hillary Clinton who stood by her man and one wonders why? Their stories are rife with details, true or false and when I look at him, I see that age has treated him kindly regardless of his wayward ways; and, last night during the Presidents’s speech I looked at her and thought that time had not been as kind to her. Was theirs a political marriage? Will we ever know for sure?

There are many more and I certainly am not an authority on marriage and why some work and some do not. Just my thoughts on a day when I will not be observing my 5oth.



8 thoughts on “50

  1. Great post! Jacqueline Kennedy was my heroine when I was a kid … I even wrote to her when I was twelve or so, and was sent a photo in return. Followed her life until she passed away 1994.

    I find it intriguing how Hillary Clinton dealt with all that hoopla. I often find it intriguing when I see those wives of men who have been involved in certain scandals, standing by their men on press conferences. Elliot Spitzer comes to mind…


    1. Thank you Rebekah. I named my daughter for her and followed everything Kennedy for years and am looking forward to hearing the oral history being released this next week.

      I often wonder what they gave up of themselves to do this? And what was given to them in return?


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